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I know I'm supposed to be working on images for the site, but I figured I should clean up the scripts first and write a wrapper so I could do everything from a single command (and also have the work folder be al neat and tidy). Even gave it a simple "usage" command in case it's ever worth sharing.

...I may or may not have done all this just so I could type "boop" and have my terminal do things. :V

Site generator update: It's pretty much usable for blogging at this point. Right now it can generate blog posts along with an index page, create individual pages for About and such, and cleanly remove individual posts in case I decide to delete something for some reason.

I'm still missing the gallery script (I'll work on it later) and an actual home page (which I still have to design), but at least I have everything organized the way I want it now. Shouldn't be too long now. :blobcoffee:

I've found a nice rhythm where I do most of my scripting in the morning, clean up code in the evenings and sketch at night to keep the art muscles limber. Helps me make quick progress on this generator while taking advantage of my usual mental state at those hours.

So of course the weather picks today to remember that thunder and lightning are a thing during the summer.


Still tinkering with writing a static site generator with shell scripts. So far, I've managed to generate both individual blog posts and a proper index.

Next step is generating individual pages so I can easily make/edit an About page. After that, I'll design a basic Home page and call it a site for now—I'll create a script for the gallery after I have more content to show 'cause I haven't been posting much in the way of finished artwork as of late. :V

So I have a site design almost ready to go—all that's missing is some pictures and the gallery pages, but for blogging it's pretty much ready to turn into a template. I have both Lektor and Pelican installed, and it's just a matter of figuring out how to add the markup.

Instead, I find myself coding a basic static site generator using shellscripts. And it's actually working pretty well so far.


ADHD-PI is... a thing.

Now that I'm at least vaguely-familiar with how to pipe stuff to dmenu/rofi, I should probably work on a script to turn multi-monitor on/off and start setting up tablet configurations for the cintiq.


Nah, too much work. I'm much more comfortable with traditional so I rarely use the dang thing anyway.

Figured it was time to clean up the wallpaper script I'd written, which was a mess of case statements because it was written while I knew even less than I do now.

It can definitely be improved and I'll get to that eventually, but considering this is my first time tinkering with awk/sed I'm pretty happy with it.

Major pet peeve when shopping online: Having to send support requests anytime anything outside Amazon is within budget because Puerto Rican addresses throw errors anytime a US-style address is expected.

No, [insert site here], it IS a valid address format. Stop saying it's not, I want to check the shipping costs on this dang lapel pin.

I like the new single-column interface, but it also doesn't show when you get new notifications. Only found out I had a reply to an earlier one when I clicked on the Notifications link on a whim.

Welp. I prefer the cleaner look but it looks like I'm sticking with the advanced layout for now.

...The new version of Firefox removed some conveniences and I don't really get why:

* can't delete individual links from history via the address bar anymore
* add-on options now hidden behind a drop-down menu (enable/disable, preferences)
* disabled add-ons are no longer greyed out

Oh, and they added add-on recommendations below the ones installed and I can't figure out how to turn it off (unaffected by the two recommendation options in the preferences).

Firefox, why.

Something I've learned: The song "Super Dry Dance" from Earthbound works surprisingly well at drowning out the lawnmower symphony outside anytime the weather's good enough for everyone to mow their lawn at the same freaking time.

I mean, the song's just construction noises and static while vaguely-Mexican music fades in and out of a distant radio, so the lawnmowers blend in with the noise. It's pretty effective.

Getting out of this rut, pt 3: rendering practice.

Note to self: Buy 2B and 4B lead for lead holders. Using a tiny 2B pencil over the HB sketch was uncomfortable.

(cw: nudity)
(this applies to previous posts as well)

More digging out of this rut. Using the HB lead holder 'cause the 2Bs are tiny and the pencil extenders broke (cheapo brand).

I pledged to a book I was really looking forward to on Kickstarter, but it's looking like it might not make its goal.

On the one hand, I'm gonna be *very* sad if it fails. But on the other hand, due to the stupid-high shipping costs to Puerto Rico bumping up my pledge to $76, that's an amount of money I haven't touched for the whole month. I could probably use that to buy a Kobo Clara by the end of next month.

Found a Firefox add-on called "No YouTube comments" that not only hides comments, but also related/recommended videos on the sidebar and at the end of what you're watching. Doesn't hide recommendations from Home like "Remove Youtube Suggestions" does, though.

Can't seem to find the source code anywhere, though, despite the app stating it's GPL'd. Bit of a shame, 'cause if it was available and it was Javascript then turning it into a script for surf might've been possible.

Mom called. Turns out she threw out the Zoloft sometime after my brother stopped using it, so that plan's a bust.


Been so anxious and panicky today that mom offered to send me some leftover Zoloft pills tomorrow despite me never having been prescribed the stuff.

This is a bad idea but fuck it, why not. I don't see myself getting that psychiatrist visit anytime soon, anyway (Puerto Rico runs on the U.S.'s shitty medical system, and we are all low on cash).

Neighbors have been extremely loud for the past six hours now. Literal screams for the hell of it, too (seriously, one of them announced that he was going to scream his lungs out for funsies before scaring the neighbors across the street into dropping what they had in their hands).

...Yeah, I think I'll skip on learning Common Lisp today. Might even skip art as well, considering how jumpy my hands are at the moment.

Been over a month since I've switched to dwm. I still haven't tested the Cintiq with it (meaning I've yet to set up scripts to make up for the lack of a systray config tool like back in Plasma), but other than that I'm satisfied with it. Not my favorite in terms of looks (even after tweaking), but the fact that it updates so rarely is a plus for me. No need to mess with it for a couple years, hopefully.

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