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[checks profile page while testing out a patched version of surf]

...Wait, were the sketches from a few days ago NOT marked as sensitive? I have it set to always mark media by default, so how did that one not get marked? What?

Now I'm glad the toot is unlisted 'cause that's an embarrassing gaffe on my part. Would've noticed sooner but I'd set preferences to always show sensitive media.

Sorry 'bout that.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I'm interested in gopher is how little visibility it has. Thinking of joining just to mess around with it and maybe create a more comfortable venting space for me.

Should probably finish that site I keep procrastinating on first, though. Gopher's fun, but I'm an artist first and foremost: the regular ol' web's visualness is kind of a necessity for my ilk.

Looks like the aforementioned "suckless but more elitist" has one good thing going for it: software that's both easy to compile/install and good without requiring patches for useful functionality.

sacc is a good gopher browser. Actually displays gopherpedia entries nicely. Had to specify a pager variable on bashrc to read text files more comfortably, though (defaults to "more", which doesn't let me scroll back up).

Replaced the lamp's bulb with a soft-white one. Not as good as the previous one during the daytime, but I *really* needed the warmer lighting during the night.

So far, the stuff I found while browsing through gopher sites:

+ some really cozy communities
+ neat info on random subjects
+ a community best described as "suckless but even more elitist" (didn't know it was even possible)
+ a site devoted entirely to books on discordianism (appropriate, somehow)

It's neat.

Practice sketches, nothing special.

Gonna start tagging these too since profile hashtags are now a thing and I want to see if it works there despite the toot being unlisted.

...Wait, I thought links to other toots created previews, what.

Anyway, I wish I had something for this 4/13, but it kind of snuck up on me.

I mean, I can link to this thing again. Seems appropriate:

I like Homestuck. Under a different name I involved myself in a segment of the community.

It was also my introduction to the kind of fanbase that motivates me to avoid the subject matter like the plague. "Enjoy the story, but keep silent—a single mention is an invite to stress."

The unsolicited opinions. The usage of your comment of enjoyment as an excuse for passionate negativity. The inevitable offense when called out for this.

I am so tired. It's just memories now but I'm still so tired.

Oh neat, the Homestuck epilogue is prose.

Thinking of switching to the Tombow Mono 4Bs for figure drawing. The Prismacolor Ebony pencils are great and all, but the Tombows are close enough (and more importantly, I have a stash of 'em).

Cool, we have featured hashtags now. Gives me a reason to use them more despite most sketches being marked as unlisted.

[accidentally presses Ctrl-Shift-v instead of Ctrl-v while pasting a link in Kate]

...Kate has a Vim mode?????

Turns out the Pigma Graphic 1 pen is good for gesture practice and overall doodling if you use an overhand grip. Surprising amount of tone control, which also makes me wonder how good it would be for texture work on inked pics.

Doesn't matter what I do, 1-3 mosquitoes always sneak into my room whenever I have the air conditioner on. Like they know I can't use the bug spray in such a closed environment. And they always do little fly-by's near my ears and close to my face just to rub it in. And always while I'm trying to sketch.

Buzzy little assholes. :/

Current list of problems and implemented solutions:

* heat migraines: A/C
* A/C noise: headphones + brown noise
* neck/back pain: new chair, some pills
* this damn mosquito that snuck into my room and now keeps dancing mockingly between my eyeballs and the sketchbook: ...shit.

Gonna have to figure out what knocked me back into the rut I'd just gotten out of a few days ago. Probably has something to do with this neverending head... ache.


...Right. Heat. Need to turn on the A/C more frequently.

It keeps raining just long enough to make me forget it's a necessity again by this time of the year.

Current mood: "Que Será, Será" (cover by Sly and the Family Stone).

I also sketched a bunch and got myself out of the rut the allergies/interruptions got me into on early March, but now the temperatures are starting to get uncomfortable and it's going to do a number on my energy levels soon.

Gonna have to rein in my mind before the end of the month. Still gotta work on the site design if I wanna debut it before Mermay (still angry at myself for missing last year's).

...Okay, so I learned how to use Lynx to browse gopher sites in the console, installed OverbiteNX / compiling the required stuff to browse them in Firefox, bookmarked several sites (including a place where I could potentially set up my own gopherhole for the sake of having a nice space for doing stuff that's hidden from most of the internet), and the only thing that pried my mind off of all that is an ongoing Steel Soul Mode attempt at Hollow Knight.

Wow, my ADHD-PI is on overdrive as of late.

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