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Hmm... It does everything I need it to do, but I don't think 0.4 seconds to generate 15 files is good enough.

Definitely gonna have to refactor that site generator someday. Just gotta, you know, convince my brain to learn awk instead of every other language it wants to learn (both computer and spoken).

I loved jumping from theme to theme and experimenting with looks over the years, but sometimes it's cozier to just go back to the basics—at least with light themes, which get a lot less attention by theme makers except from people who *really* like their soft contrasts and flat aesthetics (or who go the opposite direction with full-retro).

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Okay, I think I finally decided on a look. For graphical stuff, I'm sticking with the default Qt look and Adwaita on GTK because I like the not-flat look and I couldn't find a decent grey theme that wasn't flat or too soft with the contrast.

As for the terminal, I modified gruvbox for contrast (darker black and greys, and the background is the acme editor's yellow).

Oh, and I modified the wallpaper's background as well (cw: didn't bother to hide the butt this time).

...I have way too many interests and no way to convince my brain to only focus on a couple of them at a time so I can fully develop them.

This is why I rarely post art despite loving the task and why I keep jumping from programming language to programming language without advancing past the beginner stages most of the time (only exception being shell scripts).

On the plus side, if I can somehow get my ADHD under control I'll have enough tools under my belt to call myself a generalist. :V

I love vim, but I'm gonna switch to nano for blog posts and regular text files. Unless I need a hard character limit (i.e. emails and readme's) I'd rather just focus on writing instead of fighting vim's autoformatting and display options.

Don't have to stick to just one editor for everything. Sometimes I prefer acme for code; for regular text files, I like this better.

I'm starting to wonder if this whole over-fixation on programming is my ADHD finding a way to bribe my Asperger's into following its whims 'cause every time I try to draw I blink and suddenly there's code in front of me. Even surprised me by doing some fizzbuzz exercises in both C and sh (how in the fuck did I even learn what "fizzbuzz" is, I never even heard of that word until today).

What the hell, brain.

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...Why am I learning COBOL right now? I was learning Forth and suddenly I'm learning COBOL now. And before these two it was an afternoon of learning x86 assembly.

Brain. We need to talk. This ADHD problem of ours is getting way out of— ...No, adding COBOL support to the color scheme was not a worthwhile side-effect, vim acts super-jank when coding with COBOL because nobody uses vim for COBOL.

I may or may not regret setting visibility for that one post to Public.

Let's find out together.

Okay, this color scheme's good enough to make public now. Might be useful to someone else, I dunno:

Went from a pink aesthetic to pure greyscale for now. A lot easier than having to design a custom terminal theme from scratch.

I'm a lot better at designing around greys. :V

A minor advantage of this whole custom Vim theme thing is that I was able to finally ditch st and return to urxvt since I no longer need truecolor support.

We have returned to 0% suckless status. Hell yeah. 🎉

After a couple tweaks I started to consider changing the line wrapping on vim to soft for markdown files, but the scrolling is kinda jank whenever lines are long enough to split.

On the plus side, it seems the Neovim folks have been working on that issue for a while. So it's just a matter of time, I think.

I ended up going the "custom colorscheme for Vim" route after yesterday's tinkering. It's coming out really well so far and it works with multiple terminal color schemes, but it's also led me to a bit of a deep dive into the Vim manual and I'm gonna have to figure out a way to snap my ADHD brain out of it so I can return to the week's original plan of daily figure drawing and anatomy practice.

[glances at first screenshot, notices '|' that looks like a '/']

Aaaand that's yet another thing I have to tweak. Just pretend the second screenshot also has the following line:

highlight Operator cterm=NONE

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One of the things I liked from acme was the lack of colors, so I decided to go that route on my vim setup. Found a good theme to start with, too:

It was missing a lot of options and some of the choices kinda irked me, though (bold strings are not a good look, imo), so I started messing with the highlight options. If I add any more I'll probably just create a new color scheme from scratch based on the original.

Having one of those "can't concentrate on anything" kinds of weeks and I don't like it.

Cleaned up the rig for the first time in a long while. Now to play everyone's favorite waiting game: "Did I Accidentally Break Something In The Process?"

If I fail, I'm gonna have to use Fedilab again (very old version, couldn't switch to another Android client 'cause not a single one supports 4.3 anymore).

The light color scheme I'd been using on the terminal (PaperColor) ended up behaving weirdly with certain colors, plus it didn't have enough contrast while I'm dealing with eye allergies (which makes reading stuff on the screen a chore regardless of whether the themes are light or dark). So I'm back to using gruvbox, albeit the light variant.

Gonna have to make my own theme if I want the whole pink aesthetic, but I'll worry about that later.

venting about technology (-) 

I love technology and I'm a fan of FLOSS stuff but I haven't found a single community relating to it that I don't feel uncomfortable with. They almost always fall under one of the following categories:

* tech bros gravitating towards huge, overly-complex frameworks all while spewing a bunch of marketing BS

* people who actually care about code quality but are otherwise assholes towards everyone and would rather burn everything and prevent normal people from even touching a computer instead of actually improving things with the benefits of hindsight and better engineering

* people who escape the capitalist hellscape of the first group and have good intentions but still use the technologies of the first group because the second group is comprised of total fuckwads that cause them to ignore any and all advice towards code cleanliness because fuck 'em, they called me a r****d and use my autism as a joke or insult, I ain't dealing with that kind of shit, life's too short and stressful as it is

There's a reason why 99% of my toots are unlisted here. Why should I be more public about my code-related interests when the crowd sucks so much? Better to keep this whole coding business a small hobby than stress myself into an even earlier grave than I'm likely destined to.

Minor surprise: I'd pre-ordered a pin on Etsy a couple days before all the items I'd mentioned (pin in question: ), so I didn't include it in the mail topic since I didn't expect them to arrive until next month at the earliest.

Instead, this one was sent on the 20th and arrived in only six days—the only package to actually arrive on time.

Well, dang.

(also the extras were really nice)

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