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I think part of it is the books I got from that humble bundle. I've been learning so much stuff about POSIX shell scripting that I'm actually starting to *like* it now. So now my brain's excited about programming stuff instead of dealing with the eternal conflict of "I like solving these problems but I hate coding it due to all the online searches I have to make because every single tutorial focuses specifically on bash".

...Okay, I trained myself to sketch during the morning hours and code during the evenings. That's good. That is healthy.

Now I gotta train myself to draw longer on some days 'cause I'd like to use my crow quill without my brain trying to drag my attention back towards code. It's Inktober, for crying out loud—I'd like to *ink* something.

[checks profile directory]

...So are profile tags useless now? 'Cause I see no obvious way of filtering through people by interests.

Another thing that helps: I'm training myself to draw during the day and only think about code during the afternoon, so I no longer feel guilty about neglecting one area for the other.

Finally, a semblance of order in my life. :V

Okay, I took a break from writing the feed generation code in order to read the books I got from the humble bundle and already it's paying off. Learned just enough about regular expressions to clean up the site generator considerably (and make it faster, too), so I'm gonna focus on that for now.

Also, it turns out my issues with sed were because of regular expressions. That is some textual spaghetti and I still don't like it, but I understand it better now.

Mom said she'd probably get me a 2000-series Ryzen 7 for my birthday next month (along with the thermal paste), so hopefully these hardware lock-ups will be a thing of the past afterwards. They're under $200 now, so it's within the affordable range.

Okay, that's twice the hardware's locked up within the week. Was there a kernel change overriding c-states again, or am I just getting more and more unlucky with this thing?

I wanted a book on POSIX shell scripting and sure enough, there seemed to be one on a Humble Bundle. And it came with other useful books so hey, maybe I'll learn how to write proper scripts instead of essentially trying stuff until it works before spending days/weeks making them work better.

Current art status: Looking back at sketches from the past couple months to remind myself how to draw fluidly.

Been using the lead holder while I focused on programming for the sake of convenience, so I forgot to switch back to the Tombow Mono. Also, looks like I'll need a couple days' worth of figure drawing to limber up. It's not really rust so much as stiffness.

As long as I focus on drawing during the day and not code until late at night, I should be back to normal by mid-Saturday.

If I was a smarter woman, I'd stop focusing on code so much and take advantage of Inktober to draw those pics I need to finish the site's design. Even if I can't do dailies yet, the fact that I work with crow quills means it would still be in the spirit.

[sips coffee]

Pretty sure the overall solution would've been obvious to someone more experienced, but that's the problem with teaching yourself how to program on a language with so little documentation on the web that you're forced to rely on deciphering small, randomly-obtained snippets and shellcheck output.

Seriously, someone ought to write a full guide to POSIX shell scripting 'cause everything I find is bash.

Figured out how to better organize the scripts so that it's easier to maintain, but it's gonna have to wait until I finish getting feeds working since it involves moving most variables onto a separate script and I have way too many branches on the local repo right now. I'd rather wait until it's just the master branch and a single local one, 'cause rebasing branches gets annoying after a certain point.

I drew today, but other than that this whole day was a bust. Anytime the rig randomly locks up it scares me from doing anything else with it for the rest of the day, so I didn't even touch any code.

Another month, another hardware lockup from this faulty AMD chip.

I need to save up and upgrade to the second gen. I hear they don't have that same issue.

Think I'm gonna add another week to the feed deadline. My head was so out of it today that I'm ready to smack past me for forgetting to write down how we were going to handle a lot of it last night.

My gripes with POSIX shell scripting for larger projects can be summed up like so:

5% - amount of online searching due to lack of resources (because every tutorial is bash- and/or GNU-centric)

15% - trying to make the final code readable

80% - "what the fuck, sed"

...I *said* I'd have the feed generator ready by the end of the weekend, but instead I've been spending hours figuring out which characters need to be escaped in sed so that I don't run into surprises while writing posts.

I hate seeing lines of code brush past 100 characters. I don't want to keep breaking lines but sed is a fuck.

The more I mess with sed, the more convinced I am to limit this site generator's features and finish it as quickly as possible before moving on to learn a better language 'cause holy shit. Give it an input with even a single newline and debugging is a nightmare.

At least sketching today is going well. It means I can use it to de-stress after all that.

I checked the current status of Void Linux since I hadn't looked at it in a while. The news area talks about a bug that accidentally deleted "/bin/sh" and the "forums" show some weird-ass issues I've never dealt with after five years using Arch.

...Yeah, that option's out, clearly. Runit is a neat init system I'd like to try, but the distro itself feels less "rolling release" and more "still in the alpha stage".

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