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[takes break from Esperanto lessons to hold paper towel dampened with eucalyptus oil in front of nose]

Note to self: Buy bandanna, spritz some eucalyptus on it, wear on face. Get some hands-free congestion relief that way.

"I think at this point I'll just let my ADHD take me places and see what I get from the ride," she sighs to herself after purchasing two books on Esperanto despite having bookmarked a couple sites where she could learn it for free instead.

And the worst part is, there's nowhere else for webcomic creators to go if they want free hosting with custom themes and a cms that handles all their needs. Yes, Comic Fury exists, but some of us can't even access that site without a vpn unless we want to wait upwards of 45 seconds just for a single page to load (not exaggerating, it literally takes that long when I turn off mine).

Smackjeeves was the last good option. It's gone now.

This whole thing feels like the designers looked at tapas and went "You know what we need? Something *worse* than that."

No unique urls, ugly and inconvenient design choices, an extremely sterile look that says "We don't know the difference between 'minimalism' and 'just plain old laziness'"—and monetization! "Purchase coins for—" yeah, no. Don't even care enough to find out what they're for, you already kicked me AND the webcomics I follow out of the site with all the previous choices.

As for the design itself... yikes almighty, that's ugly. Feels like someone threw a phone app at a browser and called it a day.

Also, all organizational stuff is out. Clicking on "chapters" just tosses you into an index page with every single page as a large link complete with a thumbnail. Except it's not a thumbnail of the page—it's the thumbnail of the webcomic cover. Repeated over hundreds or even thousands of links.

So, you know, useless and misleading. Actual chapters are out.

The smackjeeves redesign is here, and it already sucks. Bookmarks I had are now out the window, too (good luck memorizing any urls now—it's just numbers). Can't find a single rss link, either, so that method of subscription's out.

Good thing most of the webcomics I follow moved on to their own sites by now.

Okay, I need to start posting art again. All I've been posting nowadays is code- and life-related and I need a slight change of pace.

Have some random sketches.

[cw: nudity]

Today's weird lesson: Having a trailing '/' on a url makes it load faster in lynx (assuming it's a link to a folder that has an index.html file within). It's very noticeable, too.

Today's minor shell script discovery: accented characters aren't affected by `tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'` for some reason. In fact, I can't seem to find a way to easily convert any characters with tildes into their non-tilde equivalents other than to manually convert them with sed.


[reads up on smackjeeves changes]

...Great, so the only good webcomic host that'll be left will be the one that won't load for minutes without a vpn.


Testing out alternative browsers for funsies. Looks like Dillo, Netsurf and Otter all fail to support css grid, so those are all gone now.

Pale Moon is really neat, but the lack of both PassFF and an add-on to disable youtube comments and recommendations means I'm probably not gonna switch to it anytime soon. The former I can work around, but the latter is such an improvement on the youtube experience that I can't go back to watching vids without it.

Day 6 of working out. No longer feeling sore the next day. Workouts are still short, but that's what the second week will be for.

Okay, the second day of working out was a bit easier. Had to turn down the difficulty for now, though (at least until I regain my stamina).

Couldn't draw until nighttime yesterday due to exhaustion, so hopefully this means I'll be able to do so today.

me, yesterday: I know my ADHD-PI too well so rather than start the slow-burn exercise routine I had earlier in the year I'm just gonna buy Ring Fit Adventure and let it dictate my workout schedule. It'll probably start me off slow, so no worries.

me, today: [body collapses onto bed before even starting the cooldown stretches. vision blurry, lungs begging for more oxygen, heart pounding against its prison of flesh and bone in an effort to escape the pain.]

Nothing says "You're not gonna have fun drawing today" like trying to sharpen the last of the really dark pencils only for the sharpener to decide it's starving and constantly chop off the tip.

Prismacolor Ebony went from "decent length" to "tiny stump" in less than a minute. :/

Puerto Rican politics, LGBTQ(-) 

After a few weeks of comfy coolness, the heat has returned with a vengeance. And with it, the headaches.


Also, I think I'm keeping the nudity on the sidebar, if only to discourage most people from linking to the blog posts. Helps keep the space cozy and personal for now.

Wrote about my current Vim settings for prose, blog posts and email. If anyone has any tips for improving on it that don't involve decently-chunky plugins (yes, I know about vim-pencil), let me know.

[cw: nudity on the sidebar]

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