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Made a Pillowfort account just in case:

I'll be using it as a second place to post artwork, so of course it's going to remain empty for a good, long while. :V

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Some people use lorem ipsum for their dummy text. I just ramble to myself for a while. :V

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Finally starting to learn how to code with awk. Goal is to rewrite the site generator for both speed and comfort.

Currently working on removing the ugly header section from the markdown files. Now it feels like part of the actual post instead of looking like the metadata for Hugo, Nikola and Pelican posts.

Blog post will happen a lot later in the future 'cause the seller I got the joy-con shells from is sending me the middle tray for the things (which they forgot to put in the package). There's red/blue bits between the shoulder buttons right now, so that should finish the whole look.

My mother saw the switch with the new colors and didn't pick up on the meaning.

Trans flag stealth mode: successful. :ablobowo:

I'll write a blog post about the whole process and my experience with it tomorrow. I was gonna do so today, but I'd like a better picture first.

Aaaaand done. With really bad picture quality because my camera was done.

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Mom gave me her credit card deets to buy an early birthday gift for myself, so one of the things I got was a custom joy-con shell + switch back plate + button combo in the same color palette of the trans pride flag without actually resembling the flag.

Will she notice? I dunno, I'm going for subtlety here, I'm still in the closet irl.

I have successfully repaired the left joy-con controller, meaning I can now play switch games again. Really should've taken some photos of the process, but I can do that once I get a custom shell and button set next month.

If THAT goes well, I'll try refurbishing my old GBA next. It's a hell of a lot more comfortable to use than the SP model, but the lack of both backlight and rechargeable batteries kinda kills it for me. There's solderless mods for both of those things now, thankfully.

Gonna ease myself into hardware tinkering by working on my switch. Ordered a replacement stick since the left joy-con started drifting so horribly that every single game has become unplayable, so I'll start with that. If it goes well I'll order some custom shells and buttons to match.

Goal is to get comfortable enough at taking apart my stuff that I can eventually fix my 10-year-old Alienware laptop. Thing needs a new screen, plus I want to see if I can replace the heatsink fans as well.

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trans voice training resource 

Finally found a resource on voice training that really clicks well with me. She really knows what she's talking about. And as she has a background in music she also analyzes the whole thing in a technical way.

Like in one video she started talking about measuring the impulse response of the vocal tract when she talked about resonance, which I found awesome and funny at the same time :)

Made a Pillowfort account just in case:

I'll be using it as a second place to post artwork, so of course it's going to remain empty for a good, long while. :V

Hmm... It does everything I need it to do, but I don't think 0.4 seconds to generate 15 files is good enough.

Definitely gonna have to refactor that site generator someday. Just gotta, you know, convince my brain to learn awk instead of every other language it wants to learn (both computer and spoken).

I loved jumping from theme to theme and experimenting with looks over the years, but sometimes it's cozier to just go back to the basics—at least with light themes, which get a lot less attention by theme makers except from people who *really* like their soft contrasts and flat aesthetics (or who go the opposite direction with full-retro).

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Okay, I think I finally decided on a look. For graphical stuff, I'm sticking with the default Qt look and Adwaita on GTK because I like the not-flat look and I couldn't find a decent grey theme that wasn't flat or too soft with the contrast.

As for the terminal, I modified gruvbox for contrast (darker black and greys, and the background is the acme editor's yellow).

Oh, and I modified the wallpaper's background as well (cw: didn't bother to hide the butt this time).

...I have way too many interests and no way to convince my brain to only focus on a couple of them at a time so I can fully develop them.

This is why I rarely post art despite loving the task and why I keep jumping from programming language to programming language without advancing past the beginner stages most of the time (only exception being shell scripts).

On the plus side, if I can somehow get my ADHD under control I'll have enough tools under my belt to call myself a generalist. :V

I love vim, but I'm gonna switch to nano for blog posts and regular text files. Unless I need a hard character limit (i.e. emails and readme's) I'd rather just focus on writing instead of fighting vim's autoformatting and display options.

Don't have to stick to just one editor for everything. Sometimes I prefer acme for code; for regular text files, I like this better.

I'm starting to wonder if this whole over-fixation on programming is my ADHD finding a way to bribe my Asperger's into following its whims 'cause every time I try to draw I blink and suddenly there's code in front of me. Even surprised me by doing some fizzbuzz exercises in both C and sh (how in the fuck did I even learn what "fizzbuzz" is, I never even heard of that word until today).

What the hell, brain.

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...Why am I learning COBOL right now? I was learning Forth and suddenly I'm learning COBOL now. And before these two it was an afternoon of learning x86 assembly.

Brain. We need to talk. This ADHD problem of ours is getting way out of— ...No, adding COBOL support to the color scheme was not a worthwhile side-effect, vim acts super-jank when coding with COBOL because nobody uses vim for COBOL.

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