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For an artist whose only gallery is this one account I sure post very little over here. So here are some practice sketches.

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Lesbian witch and her succubus girlfriend (a.k.a. "when a doodle on a tiny sketchbook suddenly becomes presentable"). Marked sensitive 'cause of nudity.

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Slowly going through "The Raven and the Reindeer" by Ursula Vernon—a few chapters a day to clear my head (but no more since reading ebooks from the monitor strains my eyes, even with a dark theme).

Really liking it so far. I think I'll buy more of her works once I have enough money for a Kobo (much as I prefer physical books I barely have any space left for more in this room, so an e-ink reader would be nice).

Like, I could go on about the transphobic/bigoted/racist vids it keeps sending my way despite repeated nopes, but let's be a bit more niche about this one:

If an artist is watching stuff on figure drawing (live models, process videos, etc), they probably don't want their sidebar filled with weird medical vids from "Dr. Pimple Popper" (actual part of username, actual descriptor for some of those video thumbnails gracing my eyeballs).

A question for those who follow:

Anyone here know of any Firefox add-on or Greasemonkey script to disable video suggestions on the Youtube sidebar? 'Cause I've tried disabling/clearing all history and clicking "Not Interested" on every unpleasant vid that comes my way and yet the site keeps recommending more and more of 'em. Site's getting *very* uncomfortable to use because of it.

But yeah, now that the minor rust from not inking for so long is gone I think I'm ready to tackle this pic tomorrow. Just gotta figure out how to ink her body hair in an attractive manner (pubes and armpit hair look alright, but the test I did with the arm looked more like chicken scratch).

Good thing I use a light table for this. Makes experimenting a lot easier on the nerves.

I know I'm supposed to use the dip pens on smooth paper so as to not damage the nib but as much as I tried tonight I just couldn't control it in anything other than the mixed media paper. Did a quick inking test there and everything turned out alright.

Pity my body's begging me to go to sleep early tonight. Mainly because I had to turn on the A/C due to the heat and it's suddenly feeling *very* relaxed right now.

[kills ant #10 on desk]

Great. The scouts realized this room exists.

"Maybe the reason I feel so nauseous at the end of each day is the type of foods I'm eating" she says to herself knowing full well she has no choice *but* to eat the greasy/oily stuff served daily on account of not being allowed to exercise her love of cooking in the house.

Immediately after the previous toot, my aunt appears out of nowhere and yanks me away from the house to eat. So I'm glad I did the figure drawing stuff earlier.

Unfortunately, this also means I won't be able to draw as much tonight 'cause I always shut down after food. And I ate a lot.

The good and the bad, I guess.

...Well, since I woke up earlier today I did today's figure drawing session an hour sooner. Something felt off while sketching and I was about to blame it on the weird schedule, but then I tried turning the page after the 5-min pose to do some cool-down sketches and realized I'd just used the last page (which always feels weird due to not having more paper behind it).

In other words, this sketchbook lasted 12 days total. I did not expect to burn through it that quickly.

I should probably start waking up earlier in the future. I've been waking up at 11am for a while now, but while the consistency has allowed me to wake up a lot easier I'm also finding it a lot harder to draw at night nowadays due to unrelated reasons.

Maybe a half-hour shift backwards for now? If I can adjust my daily schedule to match then I might even be able to squeeze in some more stuff before the stressful parts of the day commence and I lose all will to even poke the pencil.

Well, today was a bit of a bust, other than the daily figure drawing stuff. Allergies and a neighbor deciding they wanted to fire up the barbecue for early breakfast kept me from sleeping the usual amount. So I couldn't work on last night's WIP.

Ah well. There's always tomorrow.

Day 13 of Figuary. Youtube has decided that my constant clicks of "Not Interested" the past couple weeks must have been accidental and decided to once again fill the entire sidebar of suggested videos with weird "medical" vids, pimple popping vids, and a whole series on Brazilian waxing. All with very... shall we say "picturesque" thumbnails.


...I really need to start figuring out what needs fixing on a pic *before* I post it places. Posted two previews on a group chat and I fixed a lot of stuff that I only just noticed the moment they were semi-public. Even now, I fixed some stuff from that last sketch that I only just noticed from looking at the smaller preview here.

If it wasn't for the fact that it's a WIP I'd be a bit more peeved than I am 'cause hey, it means it'll look better when it's finished. So that's good.

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Seriously, La Comay is like every single thing I dislike about the culture in this island distilled to its pure essence: Imageboard-style mockery of everything with a boisterous, insufferable know-it-all attitude backing it up. It's the reason why the term "Schrödinger's Douchebag" applies to so many people I know personally.

Me: "Okay, turning off music seems to help me out a lot while drawing. Better to train my head to get rid of the mental noise than try and hide it with some tunes."

Also me: [wears headphones, blasts music at full volume to drown out the sexist "comedy", fundamentalist preaching and that one cringy gossip puppet show blaring out of the tv in the next room]

And as soon as I post that toot I find out that Newsboat released a new version with the podcatcher fix. Just gotta wait for it to be added to the Arch repo.

Once again, today is a good day. :blobuwu:

Day 10 of the figure drawing thing. Today's model was in constant motion and it was neat as hell. The 5-min sketch was less "single pose polished" and more "bunch of quick gestures to study parts and angles in motion while working on a larger pose in the middle".

Also neat was the fact that it was mostly casual poses instead of the expressive ones from usual sessions. It's a change of pace and I liked it a lot.

I think this is the first time in a long while that I've actually noticed improvement in a short span of time. Usually it takes months of battling against myself to improve in even the smallest aspect.

I now regret not trying this sooner.

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