One or two people may find this interesting. Which is reason enough to post it.

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@Ahuka I'm both surprised and not surprised at the same time.

Seriously, not enough bags for these assholes.

@craigmaloney I subscribe to Adam Neely's channel, and I think you would like it as well.

@Ahuka whew. Might take awhile for all of that to sink in, but I am immediately taken back to four years ago.

I was working with a bunch of other IT folk that had all come from the nearby music school. Guess being able to talk at length about the harmonic style of 18th century European musicians doesn't pay as well.


Anyway, I'm hanging out on their super-sekret IRC channel and having trouble figuring out if they're talking about the man who would be elected as our current President ironically or not.

One of these folk ended up playing a fairly critical role in running me out of that job and away from the LUG IRC channel. The latter event happened the night before the election.


@Ahuka I never understood why all of this happened, but this connection of music theory and racism provides a lens to clarify at least some of it.

I am pleased to report that those people are nowhere near the LUG anymore. Still haven't gone back to the IRC channel though.

Still, having a bit of a 😲 moment over here though.


> One or two people may find this interesting.

(Raises hand).

@Ahuka I'd find it rather more interesting if you'd lede with what it is rather than just telling me it is (or might be) interesting.

@Ahuka this is important information, as a lifelong musician. i remember frank zappa showing nothing but disdain for this system of 18th century harmony, and now it is a bit clearer why.

@Ahuka Very interesting! With a performance by the inimitable Nahre Sol, thought got sidetracked half-way through to check out Anuja Kamat's channel... Great stuff.

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