I got my postcards done for the day, now on to my Spanish.

I rested my knee for a week, and for the last few days it has felt fine. So I wet out for a short walk to see how I felt. I'll watch it the rest of today, and if nothing bad happens I'll do another walk tomorrow. 1.54 miles in 35 mins.

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"Trump says Spanish flu probably ended second world war in 1917"

That's about as accurate and factually correct as anything he has ever said.


Got a blood draw at the lab, then got my flue shot. Came home an wrote out my 10 postcards for the day, now on to my Spanish work. Retirement does not mean I am bored or have nothing to do.

So it looks like the Castillian lisp only appears in European Spanish, but not Latin American.

I'm at the half-way point with 100 postcards done, and Jorma's concert is near the end.

Listening to Jorma Kaukonen doing Quarantine Concert #17 while I write postcards. Nice Sunday afternoon activity.

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Just overheard:

"A large group of Karens is called a Homeowners' Association."

So true...

Took a few defunct electronics to our county clean up today, got my postcards done, laundry in progress, and now I am working on Spanish.

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teespring is pro-fascist 

Cite: twitter.com/ElleArmageddon/sta

Any recommendations for on-demand T-shirt and print stores that don't suck?

I don't want to touch any product. I want someone to take the customer's money, print the shirt and/or poster, and get it to the customer.

I've decided I want to learn Spanish in preparation for some eventual travel south of the border. I'm looking into online resources right now.

And ten more postcards done and in the can. No more chores today.

I didn't realize that Susan Tedschi was raised in Norwell, MA, which is next to Scituate and Marshfield.

The Tedeschi-Trucks show was recorded last July at the Levitate Festival in MArshfield, MA. That is my old stomping ground. When I was a teenager in next-door Scituate, my first real girlfriend lived in Marshfield.

Now settling down to write my postcards while watching the Tedeschi-Trucks band in their weekly YouTube broadcast. I do love that band so much.

Finished writing, then recording and uploading to HPR, my GIMP Introduction to Layers tutorial. I am now officially covered for contributions through the end of 2020 (unless Ken needs more shows in an emergency). For 2020 I have done 29 shows. Pretty good output. And I already have topics for more shows. Maybe I should aim to be covered 12 months ahead?

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1474 words into my GIMP Introduction to Layers tutorial. Nearly done, but I'll finish it tomorrow. Time to kick back, get some dinner, and watch videos.

Got my ten postcards done for the day, now working Layers in GIMP. Productivity is high around here. I am already about 1000 words into the GIMP tutorial. The fact that I am resting my knee by sitting in front of the computer all day probably helps. :eyeroll:

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