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Does anyone on the Fediverse knows of a good audio editor?

I want to release Libre Lounge out but I'm stuck in a mental rut editing the audio. But if I could pay for someone to do it, it would be done faster and we'd have more episodes.

If you're an audio editor or know of one that would be willing to edit a 45-1 hour long podcast, let me know.

Boosts appreciated!

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"Moxie Marlinspike On Decentralization" by David Rosenthal blog.dshr.org/2020/09/moxie-ma

The talk and blog post are both very interesting. I think advocates of decentralization (including myself!) should take these arguments seriously.

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Another good day. We found some low-carb dishes from Cali'flour at the supermarket, I wrote another GIMP tutorial, and did my daily Spanish work. I know there are people who get bored stiff in retirement, but I don't experience any of that. And my next batch of postcards should be here soon.

Another nice day. I am finishing the laundry, I finished another GIMP tutorial, and I am working on my Spanish. Life is good.

Appropriate hilarity. I use a Chrome plug-in that substitutes translated Spanish words for selected English words. IT helps me build my vocabulary. And I read a lot of Web sites about politics. So now I get to read about the Democratic and Republican "fiestas".

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STOP baby talking to your pets. If you do that they wont learn to speak properly

Not as bad day. I mowed the back yard, created another GIMP tutorial, and worked on my Spanish. Now enjoying a nice large salad.

To our Mexican friends, ¡Feliz Día de la Independencia!

Q. What is God's favorite chord?
A. Gsus

41 years ago I had the great good fortune to marry the finest woman I have ever known. Last year we celebrated by going to Europe. This year we are locked in together. But I cannot think of anyone I would rather be locked in with.

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did you know? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had an asteroid named after her 11 years before she was elected to congress. 23238 Ocasio-Cortez was named after her in honor of her being a finalist in the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

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re: JKR 


She has freedom of speech.

But not freedom from consequences.

With any luck, this will broadcast just how abhorrent her views are.

I had a pleasant morning working on my GIMP tutorials, but now it is time for Spanish!

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uspol, new absentee voter games 

If you're a US voter, be warned:

Absentee voter request forms might look like propaganda for Trump. Because they can be wrapped in propaganda for Trump.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of this amoral, selfish jerk.


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The Amazon is burning this year again. It is not wildfire, it's intentional. Tens of thousands of intentional, illegal fires, to claim ancient forest for commercially lucrative use.


> As the trend goes on, the Amazon is speeding toward a tipping point, when large areas of the rainforest will no longer be able to produce enough rain to sustain itself, according to Carlos Nobre, one of Brazil's leading climate scientists and researcher at the University of Sao Paulo.
> Once that happens, the rainforest will begin to die, eventually turning into savannah, said Nobre.

My friend Dave Morris @perloid turned me on to Dr. John Campbell. I like his daily videos because they are very evidence based. He not only brings in studies, he digs into the details of things like Sample Size, Confidence Level, and the study protocols. And he is willing to reverse himself when new evidence becomes available.


1. The pause in the Astra-Zeneca vaccine study is normal, don't worry.

2. Cases (and deaths) among children are rising.

3. Sturgis was stupid.

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