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If you see a mouse wearing a lil scarf, 10 to 1 they're having a way serious amount of Adventures

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microprocessors are domesticated sand

More scifi should take design cues from old soviet architecture. This is the Tashkent metro in Uzbekistan. Look at it! Imagine this on a space station!

(bonus: that lady's Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space)


Jurassic Park is supes progressive from the dino perspective

- "so concerned with whether you can, not with whether you should" uhm hello silicon valley is that u
- dinos forced to work for the profit of the few rise up and literally eat the rich
- dennis embodies capitalist desire to get rich quick at the expense of everyone; gets what he deserves
- don't assume that dino's gender, bruh! even if you bred it to be female. maybe try getting to know that dino first before assuming

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Reminder that Jimmy Eat World's The Middle is officially a trans girl anthem as approved by the band itself.

a website wouldn't let me change the gender marker on my account. every other field was updatable: title, first and last name, and suffix. gender appeared as a form field, but with no dropdown

I fixed this this by removing the 'editNone' CSS class, updating the field to the correct value, and submitting the form.

Seems like it would be useful if you could send stuff both directions simultaneously. The only thing coming close that I’ve found is the β€œloop” design, where you have a rotating loop instead of a ribbon. Basically a space paternoster. I don’t see how you’d run that at a useful speed and still be able to β€œjump on”.

Are there any concepts for climbers to pass on the ribbon? I’ve been trying to google it, but I’m afraid I lack the lingo, so any hints in that direction would be helpful as well.

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