@A_bern If you are a writer or artist, for real: mailing list. You need to get a PO box (because you have to provide a mailing address), but then you OWN those contacts. And it's explicitly a list of people interested in your stuff.

If not, here and Discord are good alternatives. But yeah, get emails of friends!!

Thanks all by the way for thinking of me from your new universes.

and now toots are oots? This site just gets fancier.

holy heck, haven't been on the don in ages and I feel like I'm a comic multiverse, haha - so many new instances

42,385 more $5 donations and my daughters will never have to worry about their home being taken away from them.

Have you got $5 and a few minutes? I just need to reach 42,385 more people who do.


When u get to be 501 like I am you'll find there are certain songs from your youth that absolutely gut you with excruciating nostalgia for the times before u became an undead abomination in the eyes of god

@A_bern Every extra life is a new Mario or Luigi. Therefore, whichever brother is "older" is arbitrary

Put up a poll on the birdsite, but the debate rages on... which Mario Bro is older?? Or are they twins?


I remember, I really like them a lot. There were a few people doing them sort of but I liked yours the best. That Welcome to Hell one is etched on my consciousness.


@ppng Thanks! Yeah, pretty much everything I post like that is my own creation. The Zuckerberg "Welcome to Hell" was one of the earliest in that sort of style.


Hi, A Marmot, I really enjoyed your Labourwaves from a while back.

Especially club neoliberal and eternal dog. Did you do the pink zuckerberg NO one too I think?

Thank you!

it doesn't even say what rule I broke. just a shortened twitter URL that's already deleted. 7 day ban. i'm fuckin done

I should say hello on this here site more often.

hello from this boring Friday night at home.

☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞🍺

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