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@KiranOpal I've been trying to ask people to ask me stuff but it's usually tumbleweeds in there

hello, Mastodon / Octodon and other dons

🍍 🍍 🍍 oh no they are multiplying

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@A_bern oh hai. Have a spikey fruit thing 🍍

If you want/need that politics plus some general absurdity, find me at @_Anunnery on the birbsite

I'm not gonna post about politics and social issues nearly as much as I do on the birbsite, but this is good. Will mostly keep it light, I think/hope?

Good article on everything from the Portland stabbing to increased militarization and transit sweeps of police, privatization of transit, failures thereof, transit access and equity and more. counterpunch.org/2017/06/19/tr

@MightyBigCar hey thanks! *turns object in hands and examines spikey texture*

Yeah I naked bike ride

so mAny
boDy positivity
Butts lol
yeah I'm

@safemanusa I haven't even figured that part out!

Crazy I first got in here a couple months ago. Will definitely be exploring it more... lots of promise here.

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Well, it's been interesting starting to explore this place! Find me or don't on the Twitter at twitter.com/_Anunnery

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Insects ruled the Earth once and one day they will rule it again.