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A. Bernery @A_bern@octodon.social

time to have one (1) beer and make strange digital collages

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boost if despite hating capitalism and imperialism you still know more about politics, economics, government, international relations, and the military than the president of the United States

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should start coming around more often. Twitter is shitting itself into irrelevancy. And Jack'd rather take on antifa or its supporters than nazis.

gotta get back on here more frequently. memeing on the birdsite takes the time.

keep forgetting to check in and say hello on here. Spend too much time on the birbs.

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it's not letting me add toots with emojis?

hello, Mastodon / Octodon and other dons

🍍 🍍 🍍 oh no they are multiplying

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@A_bern oh hai. Have a spikey fruit thing 🍍

If you want/need that politics plus some general absurdity, find me at @_Anunnery on the birbsite

I'm not gonna post about politics and social issues nearly as much as I do on the birbsite, but this is good. Will mostly keep it light, I think/hope?

Good article on everything from the Portland stabbing to increased militarization and transit sweeps of police, privatization of transit, failures thereof, transit access and equity and more. counterpunch.org/2017/06/19/tr

Yeah I naked bike ride

so mAny
boDy positivity
Butts lol
yeah I'm