So, , I've been with you for a year and I find you utterly useless. Local feed is a garbage dump, federated feed is just more garbage, subscribing to people is the same, as today they post something interesting, tomorrow they post garbage too. The obvious solution would be to subscribe to hashtags, but guess what - that's not supported.

Am I missing something, or is mastodon just a write-only sinkhole you are not supposed to try to get any useful information from? Is as bad?

@AMDmi3 I apologise for not delivering your personally targeted based entertainment and education as contracted (oddly, I find no such contract in my records, nor do I remember signing one, but whatever...). You are thus entitled to a full refund of all payments made to me for said services over the past year, upon submission of signed forms and copies (photographic or electronic) of all receipts. Refund application forms may be found in /dev/null on your smartphone filesystem.

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