Switched repology.org from to 1.1.1p9 via @brnrd's port.

No problems sighted, but the number of clients talking TLSv1.3 is disappointing. Despite support in major browsers announced long ago, I'm only seeing ~1% TLSv1.3 requests. ssllabs.com also doesn't report TLSv1.3 support for the site (however it says it's implementation is based on draft, probably incompatible). Hope to see OpenSSL release and major .3 adoption soon.

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@AMDmi3 none of the browsers supports finak TLSv1.3 apart from nightlies, only draft 23/28.

I'm seeing FF versions from 60 in the logs though, but my FF 60 built with default openssl doesn't use TLSv1.3. Guess support depends on at least ssl library in addition to browser version. Maybe more factors as well.

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