So, , I've been with you for a year and I find you utterly useless. Local feed is a garbage dump, federated feed is just more garbage, subscribing to people is the same, as today they post something interesting, tomorrow they post garbage too. The obvious solution would be to subscribe to hashtags, but guess what - that's not supported.

Am I missing something, or is mastodon just a write-only sinkhole you are not supposed to try to get any useful information from? Is as bad?

Switched from to 1.1.1p9 via @brnrd's port.

No problems sighted, but the number of clients talking TLSv1.3 is disappointing. Despite support in major browsers announced long ago, I'm only seeing ~1% TLSv1.3 requests. also doesn't report TLSv1.3 support for the site (however it says it's implementation is based on draft, probably incompatible). Hope to see OpenSSL release and major .3 adoption soon.

I sometimes make maps on OpenStreetMap. I've been obsessed with golf courses recently. renders them quite nicely.

Some people get confused by software versions where the dot is not a decimal separator, and thus 2.8 -> 2.10 completely makes sense. But this is the first time I see someone completely losing his shit over this: :)

SourceForge is making the most fun of migration from . The stuff most important to them is listed right in their site header: "Cloud Storage", "Business VoIP"... Then a nice set of social media buttons: twitter, facebook, google, linkedin. And right below that, a "Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge" banner, welcoming people who run from "proprietary" GitHub.

Not getting any new issues or pull requests on GH for more than a day depresses me.

Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.

TIL there are graphs of projects migrating from to :

I myself am still boycotting any source code hosting facility apart from the most popular one. We'll see if that one changes over time.

I find all the floating cookie-"agree to me" messages annoying.

What's good:
They mostly don't ever pop up if you use the tor browser and disable javascript.

I hope the #gdpr will kill such messages. I believe most of them are not#gdpr compliant anyway, because they usually lack a "no, thanks, I want to surf your site without you collecting any personal data about me" button.

And no one can tell me that it is impossible to display a web page without collecting personal data.

11.1 is prone to sendfile related panics, even under moderate load. Had to disable sendfile for nginx and uwsgi for the host serving after 3 panics in 2 weeks.

Thankfully, it's fixed in 11.2.

Interested in PostgreSQL on FreeBSD? Try this OS patch which gives a substantial improvement in number of operations per second. Let us know how that works out for you.

Repology finally has atom feeds, so if you are maintainer of some packages in one of 180+ repositories it supports including most and distros, it will now report when your packages need attention.

Repology has support for history of version updates for all projects now. It's interesting to see how new software releases spread along the repositories ( for example).

Next step is per-maintainer histories and RSS/Atom feeds!

The aggregated history of ALL software releases is possible now too, but I don't find it practically usable, as there are A LOT of them.

How can we expect users to make a distinction between phishing and legit email when legit email can look as shitty as this?!?

Sometimes I think exists for the sole purpose of finding a use for their .

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