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its pretty epic to have zero political ideology beyond "I don't like it when the people my jokes hurt tell me my jokes hurt them, and when people do it to my friends its even worse" and i'm glad that attitude is on here lol

please sticky this to the beginning of any internet thread on religion ever

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Okay, so, um, my naaame is Boxxy, and uh, so, recent events have, well, made me uh, actually, make a new video, um yeah.

every time I see someone push the whole "homophobic people are actually gay!!! haw haw" (ESPECIALLY when it's someone who's "on our side") it makes me want to scream

happy pride

maybe unpopular opinion but the shift of "literally" from description of actual events to a generic intensifier is a. not a problem and b. something we've seen before with words like "really" and "truly" so like...

if you have an issue with it fine as long as you acknowledge that it's 100% on you and nobody owes it to you to change their speech to soothe your grammatical idiosyncrasies

it's great to know that no matter what happens in the world, "fuck symmetra" will always be a constant

like yes America-centrism on the internet is annoying but if you smugly comment things like "breaking news: the USA is not the only country" on things that are specifically about American issues or events you deserve to have your internet cut off for a week

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everyone keeps talking about how youtube recommendations always devolve into alt-right shit but i can't get youtube to recommend me anything other than "videos i've already watched in the past week"

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I bought an old ThinkPad at a yard sale for $5. It had a clean install of Windows XP, except for one file, named "dat forklift.jpg"

I think mine is screenshots from a video game trailer

they were legit like "don't use these without asking me!!!" and it's like... I can press PrntScrn too, buddy

here's a fun game: what's the most "you don't own that copyright" thing you've seen someone put a "© me, don't steal" warning on

✔️ "Balls don't physically turn blue, the pain is more of a dull ache than 'oh my god I need to go to the hospital', and even if someone is in serious pain they're not entitled to sex with you to alleviate that pain"

✖️ "Blue balls are a complete myth and if a man says he's ever had them he's a lying liar trying to pressure you into having sex."

and don't even get me started on that whole "no condom is too small because here's a video of one holding a pint of water" like

a. human bodies are not liquid
b. water does not have nerve endings
c. a leading cause of condom failure is having an incorrect size, because too big and it slips off, too small and it breaks because it's stretched thinner than it's supposed to be and then rubbed vigorously back and forth

to this end, can we please stop spreading literal lies in order to emphasize the message "nobody is entitled to sex with you"

and there was that post that was floating around tumblr where someone said "gay people are wonderful and gay sex is beautiful" and lots of people we're reblogging it with stuff like "just the first part, the second part is incorrect and how do you justify agreeing with the first part but not the second without slipping into "sex is gross and icky and people who want and have sex are more base and less sophisticated than people who don't"

like I might have a LOT of problems with the sex positive movement on the whole but you can catch me in the parking lot if you're gonna start attacking the basic tenet that sex is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to want and to have

my expert opinion is that it's unconscionable that we didn't allow Girls Aloud to succeed in America

like yeah "cancel culture" or whatever is bad but it's hilarious to see someone railing against it and then you go into their posts and see that they're getting cancelled for defending white supremacy or w/e

like that's not cancel culture "going too far" that's cancel culture working exactly as it should

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