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Pronouncing "Same" like I pronounce incomparable recording artist "Sade"

my dream job is actually just "popular famous songwriters hire me and I tell them how to fix their songs"

"this blizzard Hong Kong thing is bad because it shows that blizzard is communist" is such a BLISTERING hot take y'all should feel glad I'm not sharing the source with you

you CAN however be a punk and appreciate the sounds of warm ambient music on a crisp fall morning with some hot tea

you cannot hate people for their race, ethnicity, or nationality and be a punk!
you cannot hate people for their gender and sexuality and be a punk!
you cannot hate jews or muslims and be a punk!
you cannot choose the side of the oppressors and be a punk! that's just the way things are!

leaving post-it note reminders to myself but they all just say "MARLI IS NOT APPROPRIATE SLEEP MUSIC"

transphobia, deadnaming (-) 

financial status:

referred to purchasing 20 dollars of menial groceries as "splurging"

yeah family guy sucks, but I have so many teenage memories of it that every time I say "a lot" I have an uncontrollable urge to follow it up with "because that's what Jesus wants"

i sure do love early dance moms, vaguely unsanitary (~) 

alcohol (+) 

basically i might start a video essay channel because i have a lot to say about taylor swift right now

it's fitting because this is the first song that it physically pains me that it was not a number 1 smash

i guess it's really fitting that Ariana Grande's "Into You" is the first time i've ever seen wikipedia describe a fucking song as having a cult following

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"On this day in 2002, Kelly Rowland texted Nelly via Microsoft Excel and got mad bc he didn't text her back."

I forgot actual school is starting up again

too many youngsters in my hallways

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