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anyway my most pedantic and petty complaint about the internet is the way y'all keep using "hieroglyphics" to mean "pictures that mean things"

also ContraPoints satirized pretty much every critique I have of leftists way better than I could with the Tabby character

like I'm this close to starting a YT video essay channel in drag because I need more excuses to practice my mug but the problem is ContraPoints does both Video Essaying and Crazy-Good Makeup and Costumes way better than I ever could

like nobody likes "you have to read these eighty million obscure philosophers or else I'll call all your critiques of my stances 'uneducated'" but we can say that without implying poor people are mentally lesser right

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anyway how did "it's classist to expect poor people to understand political theory, sweaty :))))" become an opinion I've seen expressed in leftist spaces unironically before

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people whose year it is going to be:

Rico Nasty
Nilüfer Yanya
Billie Eilish

another nilüfer yanya single, another song i'm gonna annoy my neighbours with by blasting it 30 times in a row and singing along


a.k.a. i'm so over people who are super gung-ho about "representation" but will then turn around and say "it's just fiction, maybe you shouldn't read fiction if you can't tell the difference between fiction and real life hurrrr"

here's a fun fact: "fiction isn't real life and things can be acceptable in fiction even if they aren't in the real world" and "fictional media can contain messages and advocate values and these messages, whether explicit or implicit, can influence people's values and behaviour" are both true statements

Previously on Pretty Little Liars lasts like three minutes, it's ridiculous

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