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also i'm really happy Marie Kondo Book Discourse is going on because it's really bringing out all the "owning books is a personality!!!!!" people so i can mute them

applied for One (1) job at the adult store downtown and the next day I get a call wanting me to come in for an interview

so let me take this time to plug again for her stunning advice

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The Boston Symphony Orchestra plays PC Music

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WOULD NOT: put up with me listening to the Youth Music for hours on end

WOULD: eat my ass for at least 45 minutes

i'm normally 100% anti-abby lee miller but the second cathy comes on screen i pull out a foam finger that says "abby's #1 fan"

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Alexa, show me the best wii fit exercises to get a fat ass

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figured out how to change my notification sounds so hope everyone likes sombra saying "boop" going off 30 times a day

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the best story of the year snuck in at the end 🐺

merry christmas I'm the most sugoi muthafukka

can't wait to be horny here now that tumblr is imploding

oh also i started doing e 'ōlelo Hawai'i on drops

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