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We love so much it's shocking.

I really would love a farm simulator game, like maybe a horse farm game, that teaches genetics/breeding the way KSP teaches orbital mechanics and rocketry. I think is the closest I've seen but I think there's too much emphasis on building structures rather than the animal husbandry.

This excerpt from a lecture on Roman paganism, about this hierarchy of gods

- The great gods of Greek and Roman mythology.
- Local gods of the city or town.
- Gods of various functions.
- Gods who oversaw crops, health, childbirth.
- Gods of specific locations.
- Gods of the fields, of the rivers, places within the home.
- There were gods of the hearth, for the pantry, for the threshold.

I like how places like this neighborhood in Bengaluru are like this.

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A friend sent me their new desk setup, with framed photos of Jobs, Musk, Buffet, and Ambani.

I've been very interested in people's personal gods, ever since reading this—

"I come from Bangalore, a city in which Pelé is god. I do not mean this metaphorically. In a neighbourhood called Gowthampura, around the corner from where I live, residents have erected a lovely shrine to four local icons – the Buddha, Dr. Ambedkar, Mother Teresa, and the striker from Santos."

Heard about a new implementation today:

, an alternative to , with impressive performance:

They say that the web is hugely backwards compatible, hasn't broken apps for 25 years, etc., but

burned the midnight oil fixing this and remembering

Content Security Policy and CORS and SameSite cookies have been breaking my webapps continuously.

What do you do when a scaled model makes your brain hurt because it puts Betelgeuse out beyond Neptune?

Make another model!

If the Earth was a one centimeter marble, the sun would be a meter wide giant balloon, 117 meters away. Betelgeuse would be one kilometer in diameter and be thirteen times farther away than the moon. …?

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- Alpha Centauri would, in our model, be a bit bigger than the sun, at 1.5 km in diameter. Since in the model we place the center of the sun in our driveway, Alpha Centauri would be out near Mercury-ish (like, Mercury *in the scale*).

This level of scaling-induced meta is hurting our brains!

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update: if the earth was as big as our house, and the middle of the in our driveway, then per the Earth would be out around Pennsylvania and Neptune would be in San Francisco (four houses big), but also:

- Aldebaran would be 56 kilometers in diameter and would be close to Jupiter (like, real Jupiter, not scaled Jupiter)

- Betelgeuse, a red monster supergiant, would be 1131 kilometers wide, and out between Neptune and Makemake. 🙀

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The internet worked today! Some kind soul sorted out my -Server question and now I can (I think, I hope) securely sync my browser to a Node server: proof-of-concept

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I don't think I've mentioned it but this workflow in low key impresses me:
- you have a file open,
- outside VSCode you update the file (git pull etc.),
- VSCode updates to show you the latest,
- BUT! you can still Control-Z, undoing the refresh-from-disk and get back to what you were looking at before.

Prettttttttttty slick. Has been handy a few times over the years.

Why did I search for "sqlite crdt" and am currently puzzling over

Because my data is apparently too big for AND simultaneously is dead enough I can't get a piece of it to work (


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@grainloom Though might be a great alternative (my data, ~10mb in JSON, seems too big for Automerge 😢)?

"If you keep twiddling with something N times, then it implies that not only did you fuck it up N-1 times, but after a while it’s pretty clear you’ve probably fucked it up on the Nth try as well." (493 things blocked by uBlock Origin…)

CLASSIC !! Oh my—Yegge left Grab!?

Do we take too much glee in pointing out

- how poor and unimportant e.g. Charlemagne is compared to his contemporary Xuanzong but

- how much more play the former gets in vanilla school curricula and

- how kids who go to normal school might grow up thinking that European countries that rule the world today have always ruled the world?


@grainloom It might be happening sooner than later—Kleppmann mentioned "Orion and Alex have been doing an excellent job of tracking this progress in their port of . This means interop between the JavaScript and Rust backends is not far off!" in 🤞

Male child gets surprisingly mad when I joke about him using 俺 ("ore", masculine first-person pronoun). I think he feels it more culturally than I do.

Omg fucking this:

“Unfortunately, many technical folks think tech policy is easy enough for their (admittedly brilliant) minds to grasp by simply applying first principles, without any educational or empirical background in social science research, media studies, history, or race / gender studies.”

I’ve seen this in unrelated tech: instead of just hiring web or HPC, brilliant teams will just try to reinvent the whole field: result=💩. This is so much more pernicious tho.

In six months, I feel I'll either be all Rust or all JVM/GraalVM (so I can keep using JavaScript magic like Automerge).

Or all Dart.

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Ripping out and replacing it with and . JS is incredibly messy but has such amazing things in it.

@codesections I didn't realize Sublime was that old! I'd actually probably take ~even odds that it'll be eclipsed in five years. Probably by a cloud version of VS Code itself offered by MS on Azure/GitHub (or Amazon equivalents).

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