Hot on the heels of a solid model with a (maybe) reasonable fitting scheme! More details to come, but let it be known now—

I followed a nice answerer on Stack Overflow and named a variable κ and all I can think about every time I see "kappa", "logitKappa", and "kappas", is 🤩 .

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And a few days later, we have absolutely no idea what this red fluid on top of the cap is. 2014 October.

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Enormous . (Sorry, can't identify them, I'm a myco-appreciator.) October 2014.

Toto urinal model, “Delicia”?

(Found in Shinjuku, , several months ago.)

Regarding last boost (NYTimes' special, with an interactive of how connected each US county is to others according to Facebook

Something you notice moving your mouse around the map, this one county, Chattahoochee County in , stays lit up very frequently. That county is densely connected with tons of other counties and I don't know why: small population, no major cities or military bases or…

Lazy Fediverse, elucidate this mystery for me.

New globe! Instead of the puzzle-piece 🧩 colors of a political boundaries, which destroys our conception of physical and cultural reality, this globe uses a Natural Earth-like basemap of colors on the ground.

Tactile, so mountains are raised (not sure how accurate).

It also has a light-up mode that shows you the political boundaries.

“I’m so happy I could cry.”

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Pause thread to shout out to my favorite film about making and obsessing and kids and supportive adults.

I had to scroll a ton to find a still/GIF of *making* a violin, whereas there were tons of clip of him *playing* the violin with , from film *Whisper of the Heart* (not directed by the big man, but by Kondō who died, presumed of overwork, three years after it was released).

I mean sure the two musicking is a charming scene but to me misses a huge part of the film.

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If you have young children and want to make word search puzzles, you know, for practicing spelling in English or another language using the Latin alphabet, or Japanese (hiragana or katakana), I got you covered:

See if you can find all eleven:


The filler characters are randomly generated with the same frequencies as naturally-occurring Japanese (well, as natural as my corpus of anime subtitles…).

implausibly high nerd level 

Fio: "What's the most important thing to be a good pilot? Experience?"

Porco: "No. Inspiration."

didn't tut-tut Fio staying up all night to design his new plane. Not at first.

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AND the money figure!!!

‘In the influence condition, substantively unrelated issues became linked into party-specific profiles, much like the “culture wars” in our own world. For example, in world 3, partisan majorities took opposite sides on six issues: Republican majorities agreed and Democrats opposed the items on great books (15), obedience (19), and gas engines (20), while Democrats agreed and Republicans opposed items on robot lawyers (3), licensed jurors (7), and group loyalty (13).’

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Found the 20 questions in supplemental material AND THEY ARE FASCINATING:

10."Athletes should be allowed to use medical procedures to extend the length of their careers." .15

6."The storage of an individual's genetic information collected through bio-identification algorithms should be prohibited." .13

12."Public schools need to place greater emphasis on children’s physical fitness and health, even if it takes away time from academics. " .13

These are important!!!

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made sending GIFs a one-click affair and my friends are suffering.

Or are they reveling??? ()

Reading about latest iOS ’s advanced tracking protections and notice that I can try it out on the site telling me about it. Surprised to see this. Thanks Firefox for blocking Google Analytics, on the Mozilla site!

Here, I stole the GIF (actually MP4, 12.5 frames per second, 636 kilobits per second) from Twitter: trailer that kVin was talking about.

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