We were hearing that students living in dormitories are hacking their crock pots to produce high enough temperatures for hot pot, which gave my brilliant spouse this idea:

in fondue pot! Works perfectly!!!


Our family picks vacations based on locations of the bookstore 😂. At the Manhattan one I bought full-furigana novelizations of three famous films:

- Boy and the beast バケモノの子
- Summer wars サマーウォーズ
- Your name… 君の名は。

They were next to the Japanese learning materials for English speakers (textbooks, readers, &c.), which is absolutely brilliant product placement. And they were all quite inexpensive (¥500-700 listed on the back, $9-11 in the store).

<rolls up sleeves>

Oh how charming, the American stock market might be crashing: S&P500 5% off its recent high. I'm hearing where it might fall through 50%, in fits and starts of course, before it thinks it's low enough.


Remember in the mid-2000s, we were all worked up about Peak Oil and energy stocks and national oil companies like Saudi Aramco et al.? What happened to that? Oh right, the global economy hit the brakes and we stopped burning and pumping so much oil.

This could get fun.

Whenever I use Signal I’m like “I never will have a moment like in *Just Because* where the read receipt is a plot device… 😔”.


(I won’t cite the episode number to avoid spoilers)

I look forward to telling my great-grandchildren how I never ever found out what these two dudes were actually fighting about.

Originally encountered this powerful statement on the art of translation via twitter.com/alltsun_nodere/sta ("alltsun_nodere" is probably my favorite internet name of all time).

I really like this sentence structure diagram, from 8020japanese.com/grammar-cheat

1. Set up topic if new, then
2-N. any number of other word–particle pairs indicating destination, origin, location, means, direction, subject, object, etc., then
N+1. verb.

There's a whole book, Sue Kawashima's "Dictionary of Japanese Particles", so there's a lot more to the story, but I love this simple chart to remind me of the basics.

This first grade reference suggests the bacteria in Cells at Work should be 20–100x smaller than human cells (figure from opentextbc.ca/biology/chapter/);

But digging deeper—the Internets say red blood cells are 6~8 µm, white blood cells 7~21 µm, and B Cereus (the rice-riding gastroenteritis-inducing pathological bacterium) 3~4 µm, all within an order of magnitude of each other!

I can appreciate and without as much suspension of belief as I initially thought!!! 🤗

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is my new favorite . There’s a lot I’d like to say about it but maybe a nice first post could be about how well it uses giseigo and gitaigo (onomatopoeia and sound symbolism 👂), and how pleasantly surprising it is that Yen Press’ translator both transcribed and translated them!

So we see the original ヒョコっ lettered, then “hyoko” transcribed, and “peek” translated!

This is many people’s favorite aspect about and I couldn’t be more pleased.


One of 天龍寺's eponymous dragons—on fusuma, in the 大方丈, the bigger abbot's quarters, facing Sougen Pond. Quite a quizzical dragon, isn't it?


Eponymous because, recall, 天龍寺 = ten ryuu ji = sky dragon temple. October 2017.

(Yes, the two mischievous children running past it are mine. Sorry 🙏.)

I often think about the era of women programmers, from the 1940s to the 70s, even years after reading these stories. I especially liked the first story, drawing from a 1967 Cosmo.

‘James Adams, the director of education for the Association for Computing Machinery…: “I don’t know of any other field, outside of teaching, where there’s as much opportunity for a woman.”’

- gender.stanford.edu/news-publi
- codingblonde.com/2015-07-compu
- npr.org/sections/money/2014/10
- homes.sice.indiana.edu/nensmen (Ensmenger's slides)

曹源池 天龍寺 (嵐山, 京都, 2017 10月)

(Sougenchi, the Sougen Pond, and surrounding garden, at Tenryuuji , in Arashiyama, .)

Kanji fun: ten ryuu ji, 天龍寺 = sky dragon temple.

Kanji fun part 2: arashi yama, 嵐山 = tempest mountain.

Got a cut on my hand while washing dishes and all I can think is:

“Red Blood Cell-san, White Blood Cell-san, are y’all ok down there???”

manga (volume 1) and anime (episode 2?).

東福寺 開山堂 (Toufukuji's Kaisandou—founder's hall), , October 2017. Unforgettable.

‘DarliFra continues to reinforce its messages about gender roles and reproduction by conveying heterosexual marriage and reproduction as courageous and subversive. Kokoro and Mitsuru, armed with forbidden knowledge about penis-in-vagina sex, sleep together and reconstruct a wedding ceremony that just happens to mirror the kind of Western-style Christianity-based ceremonies that are popular among young Japanese couples.’ —Caitlin Moore


Creepy-looking show.

Y'all have heard about the challenges of multi-racial family yeah? God of pixels forgive me but I've been using the *same* white-balance+exposure normalization color for my kids, my spouse, and myself and *it is working amazingly well*! With Capture One photo editing, everyone gets to be the same skin tone 🤣!


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