I note with interest how euphoric I am that -format will happily typeset . I recently convinced my company to switch to clang-format for our C++ codebase (no flamesuits were necessary), and of course I use clang-format on all my JavaScript, but I'd been content with tsfmt for TypeScript, thinking the type operators would confuzzle clang-format, but it turns out someone at has been adding TypeScript support to clang-format.

Typesetting my TypeScript code and—euphoria💞

It's easy for me to *not* talk about life-quality improvers like clang-format, since (1) your mileage may vary, and (2) there are SO MANY ways to improve life that you've probably just improved your life and want to tell ME about yours.

That said, clang-format gives a very nice quality-of-life improvement.

Also, Japanese-style . My whole family agrees: bidets are huge quality-of-life improvement. Typesetting your code by hand is only slightly more barbaric than manually wiping your butt.

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