Web developers: take a moment to turn off javascript on your websites. If it can't be used at all--especially if the user is confronted with a blank screen--without js support, fix it. It's a bad website. #xp

@jer_ As someone who cares deeply about people in bandwidth- and battery-constrained environments, as well as privacy, I am truly sympathetic to this point of view, but I encourage you to think about the fact that React and Vue and similar JavaScript frameworks have unleashed a tremendous amount of creativity by making complex sites easy to make for a generation of developers.

And a big reason for this is that we can ship sites without a dedicated backend—which we would need to render your sites for you when you disable JS. A requirement for a backends just to render templates would be a very high obstacle for many applications and developers, in complexity, time, cost, and electricity. It simply wouldn’t make sense.

For this reason I do not consider JS-required apps as broken. Happy to consider viewpoints I’ve missed (I’m not addressing privacy because you’re addressing developers in Fediverse who presumably aren’t doing Evil Things with JavaScript).


@jer_ But I do appreciate the point you are making and I will rework my sites that would show a blank screen to instead render a nice explanation of what the goal of the app is, as an invitation to enable JS.

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