readme has an “Open in ” link which opens a tab running VS Code and a full Linux box running the Jupyter server. Cloud9, Glitch, &c. have had something like this but Microsoft’s strategy of making a killer editor be browser-first is 🔥.

Gitpod today:

“We believe that by 2023 ephemeral cloud-based development environments will be as common as CI/CD is today.”

Unpopular opinion: I totally agree. I know some folks dislike renting others’ computers but I’m excited.


Related, very exciting: a full Jupyter notebook including and Numpy and math libs running *entirely* in browser—no server.

They compiled the Python runtime plus and Numpy and FORTRAN libs to . It all runs in your browser.

This is kind of the opposite route from Gitpod, whom you go to to reduce the burden of server config and management. With things like , you minimize build/config problems *and* keep your computers.

I’m excited about because I have written A LOT of code that isn’t portable between languages and runtimes and machines. Really excited to see if JVM and Python and others get wasm runtimes soon, and to see which languages target wasm too. A universal substrate for programs would be really cool.

@22 me too!

i've just started my wasm journey by doing a few rust tutorials, but i am super curious to see if i could be productive writing a "web app" in rust as opposed to javascript, and how it would affect my productivity/enjoyment.

@elmiko let me know how that goes!!! My personal goal is to seriously level up my backend game (JVM, Python, Rust) and it would be so cool to work with wasm there and then do the front end pieces in the same language!

@deshipu Thanks for mentioning this, it looks cool!!! It used to be PyPy had poor support for Numpy and numeric libraries that needed C/Fortran libs but reading a bit on the PyPy faq maybe it’s gotten a lot better?

I love “full Python” runtimes in JS because I love running 5**500 and see that effortless bigint support 😁, in JupyterLite that hangs 😭

@22 If you care about NumPy and all that, there is also this thing done by Mozilla:

@deshipu Yesss! This is what JupyterLite leverages. Absolutely stunning work there.

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