All of my other projects are on hold because I discovered that , despite using its own model specification language, is really superb for Markov chain Monte Carlo () analysis of statistical models. I am being much more productive with it than .

I'm revisiting after folks patiently explaining a core modeling defect ten different ways till I finally understood.

As much as I hated my stint in grad school, it's the reason I know how to wield these super-powered tools.

Ebisu quiz scheduling library 

Instead of pushing forward with research on a new probabilistic model for , I released a handful of new features folks had long requested with just the old Beta distribution model.

If anyone needs a Python (or JS, or JVM, or Dart, though those haven't gotten the new features) library for flashcard review scheduling, it might be useful:

Hope to get back to Stan soon and finding a better underlying model to handle memory growth.

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