I'm learning for work so I rewrote my little robot that adds speech to all my flaschards! It's so much better and faster than the previous Selenium version.


I think it's almost user-friendly—you will need to do is create an IAM account for AWS (since it uses ), which is hard.

We have ~3'200 flashcards in Memrise that have each have two AWS Polly voices (masc and femme). It's a system that, surprisingly, works really well for us.

Oh, I had posted a summary of our workflow 1.5 years ago: octodon.social/@22/10240342740


- parent with laptop does video lesson with teacher (or sits next to child doing video lesson)

- as vocabulary or phrasing is introduced, it's entered directly into a long-running course. Memrise will suggest auto-complete, which helps for plain vocab, but not helpful for phrases. Thus, often longer phrases have kana-only (no kanji). Not ideal… 😒

- Above software is run ~weekly to add audio.


😳 cannot believe we used to review the video recording and type things into a text file and have this super-complex multi-stage workflow.

Clearly, you simplify and smooth your workflow to a polish, otherwise you risk giving up.

Kudos to amazing spouse for being a ninja at adding flashcards to Memrise during live lessons.

Hmm. It'd actually be better if the teacher typed in phrases/vocab they wanted us to practice into the chat window right? Might be too Zoomer for them…

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