Needed: tutorial cookbooks that rather than giving you 50 hard recipes, instead give a graded progression of dishes to level you up, to get you used to the various ideas in the cuisine.

Must be written by aunties and with dishes for home cooking (not restaurant food).

@22 Jane Hornby's books might be useful (check out the PDF samples), especially "Simple & Classic"

@22 Also: J. Kenji López-Alt's huge "The Food Lab" is a mix of recipes, techiques, and experiments — in the vein of the Serious Eats blog

@22 Finally, books I don't own but have read/heard good things about:

* Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything
* Alice Waters's The Art of Simple Food


@danburzo thank you, I will check out!!! Anything ethnic-focused recommendations?

@22 I have been mostly reading up on how food/cooking works, and have not yet caught up with my ethnic cookbooks :P But some starting points:
* Japanese: Harumi Kurihara (eg Everyday Harumi)
* Indian: Meera Sodha
* Russian: Darra Goldstein

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