We have a super-accurate weight scale.

a kleenex (paper tissue) weighs 1.33 grams.

@22 Now blow a nose and weigh again, inquiring minds want to know

@cathal Stand by I have chili chicken, guaranteed to get the snot flowing

@22 Having no baseline to compare to I'll be generous, and assume that it speaks to a superlative chilli meal

@22 are all of them exactly the same? From one box I mean.

@isagalaev No, this is an N=1 analysis, one lucky tissue that was sticking out the top of the box.

@22 I'm sure there's another hanging out of it right as we speak :-)

@isagalaev you are right!!! Candidate number two is 1.29 grams!

@22 wow, that is some condemnable inconsistency! Shame on Kleenex :-)

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