'a lot of computer systems research is solving problems that only huge tech companies have (eg. fast datacenter networking, big data analytics systems), rather than working on technologies that empower individual users and the underprivileged. Frankly, the big tech companies don't need help from academics. … It would be much better if academics prioritised research that benefits those who *don't* have the resources to do this work themselves.' mobile.twitter.com/martinkl/st

classy yet

@22 Problem is, research is funded by people interested in those Big Problems. In order for researchers to research for non-big there has to be funding available.


@nomad Dr Narayanan, who Martin is quote-tooting, talks about how this happens even without explicit funding—e.g., students want to get jobs at BigCos so they gravitate to that work even if nobody's paying them to. mobile.twitter.com/random_walk

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