A friend sent me their new desk setup, with framed photos of Jobs, Musk, Buffet, and Ambani.

I've been very interested in people's personal gods, ever since reading this—

"I come from Bangalore, a city in which Pelé is god. I do not mean this metaphorically. In a neighbourhood called Gowthampura, around the corner from where I live, residents have erected a lovely shrine to four local icons – the Buddha, Dr. Ambedkar, Mother Teresa, and the striker from Santos." africasacountry.com/2014/06/ne


This excerpt from a lecture on Roman paganism, about this hierarchy of gods gist.github.com/fasiha/98dd8e2

- The great gods of Greek and Roman mythology.
- Local gods of the city or town.
- Gods of various functions.
- Gods who oversaw crops, health, childbirth.
- Gods of specific locations.
- Gods of the fields, of the rivers, places within the home.
- There were gods of the hearth, for the pantry, for the threshold.

I like how places like this neighborhood in Bengaluru are like this.

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