Making a scaled model of the solar system (again, this time the sun's our house), meanwhile, current search: "why does the sun not have an equatorial bulge?"

Making the sun our house isn't that awesome because then Pluto's semi-major radius is in Delaware. SO I made the Earth as big as our house, but left the center of the sun at our house, which means the Earth (which is as big as our house) is out in Pennsylvania and…

Well, the good news is Pluto is out by Anchorage and Makemake is across the Bering Straight in Russia.

The bad news—the Earth's as big as our house but out in Pennsylvania and the center of the sun is where our house actually is…

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I think it was a success!, making our house as big as the earth and then putting the center of the sun in our driveway! There were lots of questions, before and during a drive around. Comments about how wonderful time warp is in Kerbal Space Program 😆 during our long drive out past "Mercury's orbit".

Also some questions, "so how big is ? ???" 🤔

Show thread for the map and base text in case anyone wants to take a look. I customized it with text about the heights of the kids and the size of the neighborhood!

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update: if the earth was as big as our house, and the middle of the in our driveway, then per the Earth would be out around Pennsylvania and Neptune would be in San Francisco (four houses big), but also:

- Aldebaran would be 56 kilometers in diameter and would be close to Jupiter (like, real Jupiter, not scaled Jupiter)

- Betelgeuse, a red monster supergiant, would be 1131 kilometers wide, and out between Neptune and Makemake. 🙀

- Alpha Centauri would, in our model, be a bit bigger than the sun, at 1.5 km in diameter. Since in the model we place the center of the sun in our driveway, Alpha Centauri would be out near Mercury-ish (like, Mercury *in the scale*).

This level of scaling-induced meta is hurting our brains!

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What do you do when a scaled model makes your brain hurt because it puts Betelgeuse out beyond Neptune?

Make another model!

If the Earth was a one centimeter marble, the sun would be a meter wide giant balloon, 117 meters away. Betelgeuse would be one kilometer in diameter and be thirteen times farther away than the moon. …?

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