"Kids in grow up seeing women in saris, men in Sikh turbans shopping at the supermarket alongside them.. and it really makes a difference." — twitter.com/HirokoTabuchi/stat

I lived in various small-town suburbs for so much of my life that moving to the big city and its ethnic neighborhoods was a revelation. An incredible life improvement, being able to stretch out parts of myself that I didn't know were cramped.

Tabuchi—who is a great journalist, and lives across a couple of rivers from me—quoted 's article about visiting for the first time:

"No one behaved in any way to indicate that my presence was anything remarkable. Not even the kids! To look at these Kobe folk, you would think there was nothing unusual in their vicinity whatsoever — nothing frightening, nothing unpredictable or threatening; I represented no assault on their homogenized sensibilities." japantimes.co.jp/community/201

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“Glad you have good memories of . My grandfather was discriminated and beaten on multiple occasions in his youth. My Korean fam found racism was worse there than even Osaka. Viet and Malay JITCO workers and students at Kobe U have spoken up about racism.” mobile.twitter.com/aj_aj54/sta in response to ’s tweets celebrating Kobe quoted above.

She replied boosted this and commented mobile.twitter.com/HirokoTabuc, and I’m thinking about this a lot.

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