Crude oil ETF 

A coworker showed me this chart of UCO, an ETF intended to track 's spot price.

crashed 93% from mid-2014 to beginning 2016.

Then it crashed another 92% from beginning 2020 to now.

Total drop since the 2014 high, an eye-watering 99.6%.

"Should I buy now, at $32?"
"So you can sell in six months for $3?"

Crude oil ETF 

Hmmm can it really be true? 99% fall of an oil ETF? Seems too good to be true. Also, investing in a fossil fuel ETF?? How does one even consider that (from a moral standpoint)

@maltimore @22 if your goal is getting richer and richer it might not be good to have to much of that so called moral.
@22 @maltimore I mean there seems to be lots of people investing is this kind of stuff, it just brings too much money.
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