“Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills“

‘in our study, all of the women who took the public interview failed, while all of the women who took the private interview passed. Our study was limited, and a larger sample size would be needed to draw firm conclusions, but the idea that the very design of the interview process may effectively exclude an entire class of job candidates is troubling.”’

The paper has a diagram of performance/gender, omg 😱.

All six women in the public proctored case (of 26) failed to produce working code.

All four women in the private room & no observer (of 22) passed.

In the private case, the men swept the bottom of the chart. In the public case, the men swept the top.

Definitely needs a bigger sample size. If this duplicates, it’s huge.

I’m afraid a *lot* of people will scoff, “we don’t do whiteboard interviews”, but they do something equally trashy and uncritically accepted.

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Cool thing about the study that was totally omitted in the linked press release: they monitored gaze fixation and pupil dilation as proxies for cognitive load. They found that both indicated higher stress and cognitive load in the public case, both in the mean and in variability, than the private case.

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's "The Hiring Post" racked up almost ¡600 points! on the orange site when it dropped in 2015:

I take its points as axiomatic—resume-blind interviews, work-samples, take-home exams, etc.—but I just talked to someone who really believes in the standard tech interview and… it was interesting to realize that the ideas I take as established are considered heterodox by other (powerful) people… Sorta makes me want to startup.

(HN discussion:

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Saw a template for an email that the diversity recruiting team at work was putting together—a woman at a whiteboard writing toy Java code, the fucking longest substring ☠️😵🔫, and sent them the press release from NCSU posted above.

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