Two things I like that give out of the box (via and I want everywhere:

- Active Record, i.e., automatic database↔application object mapping, & migrations

- Action Cable, i.e., websocket pub/sub so all your tabs/devices know when one of them changed something

Rolling either yourself is a big risk. Sequelize and Diesel (in Node and Rust) seem like great Active Records. Now looking for Action Cables in those languages.

Picking a language with these to learn.


I mean of course and have all of these…

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I'm also a little bit curious about Turbolinks and Stimulus.js via Basecamp and Rails.

Like, server rendering is coming back but I don't like it because what, did offline-first never happen? Did Ink and Switch not publish a brilliant essay called "Local first" ? looks like a great new Rails thing, and that article alludes to this movement back to the server.

I can't be having with it.

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@22 last time I did elixir phoenix at work (2016) it felt a lot more rough than rails did

love to have a reason to get back into it, but one hasn’t happened yet :/

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