teaching me ヒョウ onyomi reading of 表 and I'm fishing around for any word I know using "hyou" 🤔💡—KyoAni's ! Streams on Funi right now, will re-watch tonight 😍!

I made this lost of all onyomi per sorted by frequency of occurrence:

I have good mnemonics for some of the top ten but need to improve several—

コウ (kou)
ショウ (shou)
ソウ (sou)
キョウ (kyou)
トウ (tou)
シ (shi)
カン (kan)
セン (sen)
キ (ki)
ケン (ten)

Of course Hyouka doesn't really help me, an ideal mnemonic for a Japanese onyomi reading won't have its own kanji and readings 😝

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