We (spouse+me) been doing (thanks friend 👋!), and we hate it but sticking to it through the annoyances of level 2 because it’s good and fun.

Anyway I don’t use their mnemonics for readings, instead I search for words I already know using the in question (or learn new words to do this). In no order:

- 立:リツ, I see in anime at the end of class they say something like “kiritsu (everyone stands) rei (everyone bows)” and yeah it’s 起立、礼

- 田:タ sure you can be BORING and remember this via Tanaka/Yamada but I’ve always remembered the unforgettable Chitanda Eru, 千反田 (from , shoutout)

- 白:ハク I don’t have a good one for, so I learned 空白 (which iOS Japanese keyboard always shows)

- 左右:サユウ I memorized this as a word, killing two hard birds with one stone

- 了:リョウ via 了解 (ryoukai, “understood”) which you hear all the time

- 正:セイ trying to learn 公正 (kousei, “justice”)

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I learned 子孫:シソン (in kun’yomi it’d be ko-mago, literally “children-grandchildren“, and means “descendants”) a while ago because the grandmother used it in 😎 (fabulous film, my first film) as you can see, anime is a huge part of my learning.

I use 木刀:モクトウ (“wooden sword”) to remember sword. Moku is easy right Thursday 木曜日

And lol 千 is super easy because of Chihiro and Sen in !

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内:ナイ I’m trying to remember via ご案内, the very polite phrase. It’s easy to remember うち.

大切・セツ via 大切 (important).

This is getting harder!!! Hooray !

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