I’m seeing this post trending: “I Quit Social Media for a Year and Nothing Magical Happened”—I haven’t read it, just commenting on the title: I quit Twitter about two years ago (it was the extent of “social media” for me). I followed 87 people. I quit because reading Twitter made me feel worse than imagining inserting my face into a sewage drain, or injecting raw sewage into my veins, and after a month break (vacation), I felt amazing—the quality of life improvement was massive.


Clearly I could have cultivated my followees list to try and avoid the constant stream of cortisol-spikes, but that’s kind of the point: if you feel you have a problem with something and you quit it, and you feel better, then you indeed had a problem with it. If your life is the same, then you probably didn’t.

I can imagine articles hitting front page HN “I meditated for a year and nothing happened”, even “I ate healthy for a year and nothing happened” or “I didn’t lock my front door for…” 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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