In 2007 Guido rejected `prod` for :

In June 2019, it was added as

For lit decades now I've wondered what about Python irked me so, even as it came and went as my bill-paying language.

It might be a combination of this Benevolent Dictator For Life shit and this "just learn to use reduce—oops, reduce moved to functools—oops, use" inelegant backpedaling as an excuse for admitting mistakes.

Along these lines, last year was considering adding isEven and isOdd, the proposal citing how frequently these are searched:

In the end, they rejected isEven and isOdd but they did accept isMultiple:

with an unconvincing set of rules (these things are about taste more than people admit), but more than Guido gave.

The end result, however, is valid:

"isEven and isOdd offer no substantial advantages over isMultiple(of: 2)."

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remains a great prototyping language though, use it.

Until OCaml or TypeScript or something better comes along with static types as well as Numpy and Scipy and Pandas and Matplotlib.

Oh, that's , right. I will… probably not port to Julia immediately but someone should. Hopefully the Python reference implementation will be finished within a week.

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