“There are many Hong Kongers and other smart people writing online who can explain the political context of the protests, the likelihood of intervention, and what this means in a deeper way. I am just a visitor who perhaps thinks too much about fish cakes when being tear gassed.”

Of course Maciej Cegłowski went to protests and wrote a brilliant piece, with references to how the ’80s Soviet–American culture shock is as great as the 2010s America–HK one.

Protip: is a name and I believe is pronounced “maa-chey Tchaikovsky”.

Another. On recent macOS/iOS, you can get international characters like the ł in Cegłowski and Janelle Monáe by holding down the simpler key and seeing all the options.

(There are some differences. iOS will let me select degree symbol when I hold down 0 but macOS won't.)

(Alas, no Ðð or Þþ this way, need Icelandic keyboard.)

(No Greek either…)

(So that means when I write 'whaaaaa', I'm actually tapping the key repeatedly, not just holding it down—please appreciate the impact of that 'aaaa'.)

Still smarting from the racist undertone to this pro- anti- anti-democracy and anti-Middle East verse:

‘“Hey democracy! Once I heard you be found in the Middle East, people were throwing bombs across the city streets,” runs the English-language rap by nationalistic Chinese group CD Rev. “If that’s what you want sorry I can’t agree, get those foreign agents outta town then we can talk about it.”’

Because the Middle East is where they throw bombs right? 🖕

You know when you read about momentous events in history. D-Day—but also the Warsaw Uprising: events that the history books ex-post frame as “obviously” earth shattering, but also the ones books only casually mention because nothing really major resulted.

Watching the situation these weeks has been a smorgasbord of nerve-racking breath-holding waiting to see whether this goes down as 1991-grade Soviet collapse event, or another of the many non-cigar close calls.

That precipice. 🤤!

Yes: since I learned the dynasty song in the HarvardX history course,

Shang Zhou Qin Han…

and studied the longevity and fall of other single-party states (Nazi, Soviet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, etc.), my secret delight has been wondering what comes after the last verse of the song,

Yuan Ming Qing Republic,
Mao Zedong

When will Mao’s CCP go the way of the Shang and the Soviets, and what will come after? I’m sure it’ll be just as monumental a black swan 🦢!

's next bulletin from is riveting:

" wants to eat Hong Kong. That is what these protests are about."

"The [protest] groups disagree on tactics, but are each committed to the principle that they will not allow themselves to be divided. There is immense tolerance of tactical differences that would fracture other movements." 😮

When this son of Soviet Poland says "that's when I understood the Hong Kongers may actually win", I'm like 😮😮😮?!!?

‘“The raptors followed us onto the other train. People were terrified. I saw a mother holding her two little daughters. They were all crying. I saw two young women who probably just came back from shopping or a night out because both were dressed in nice clothes. They were clinging to each other, huddled in a corner, crying. There were old people holding onto their shopping bags, shaking with fear.”’

police brutality via Pinboard aka Maciej Cegłowski’s Twitter.

‘Ng saw police hit another young man in a white shirt on the head. Blood was pouring down his neck. “He just fell, and I didn’t see him move again.” They toppled another young man wearing black, beating him with batons and kicking him where he lay.’

In . Ibid.

@22 that really was an amazing read, thank you for sharing!

@a_breakin_glass want to emphasize I’m not comparing anything to anything here!, just giving examples of diverse single-party states I’ve studied in school and on my own, and that inform me of some aspects of their collapse. Few parallels can be drawn! History is a good teacher—but it can only tell you what won’t happen, not what will.

@22 A charitable interpretation, if such is warranted, might be that the US brought democracy to Iraq at gunpoint, the result was civil war, Iraq is but the latest example of democracy at gunpoint, and Iraq is in the Middle East.

@notclacke I also wondered if they were making fun of the Arab Spring. Very unwholesome, making fun of people’s attempts at a better life.

@22 It's the only way, to try to disceredit what Hong Kong people want. Call it pie in the sky, doomed to fail, disruptive to stability etc.

Otherwise they would have to explain why it would work in Hong Kong and not in Lhasa, Urumqi, Hohhot and other places.

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