Rei: "You're Haru-chan-san?"

Haru: "Don't put -chan and -san on my name"


Rei: "Rin-chan-san, yes?"

's ! is life.

"Hard work means nothing without that flash of inspiration." —Ama-sensei

Some YouTube rando's comment: "My life is literally a female version of this".

I often feel like I'm living manga. A shoujo manga many years ago. More recently a seinen manga.

Still waiting for the onsen chapter.

I read a lot of . I've stopped reading ones with unsupportive relationships like Ao Haru Ride. I get that people's lives aren't all full of supportive friends and baes, but if there's manga with great healthy relationships—Robico's “Our Precious Conversations” I love, Horimiya manga is fire, you know I love love love “Just Because!” anime (on Prime, not shoujo though but have to mention it in thread about well-adjusted characters)—that's what I'm gonna read.

Ah! reminded me of another with supportive relationships that I liked a lot—!

‘Fanservice—gratuitous framing of characters in a sexualizing/objectifying manner—exists, as the name implies, to titillate the audience. At its worst, it’s massively obtrusive, basically stepping between a work and the audience, so that it can point at a character and say “This character doesn’t matter. They’re not a person worth caring about, just body parts.”’

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