Asking myself: can I live without the electric filler, with adjustable temperature!, that some bathrooms have in ?

@22 yes you can 😀 but can you live without the warm water butt washing thing they have on their toilets!?

@kensanata I already have that in my house here in America, and those are universal in Japan :) the bathtub filler though, I lack in my house, and aren't extremely common in Japan either.

@kensanata getting into a deep tub full of 44 °C water up to my neck… ahhhhhhh 🤤

@22 a friend had brought a wooden tub from Japan to Switzerland but had to abandon it. The dry air of all the heating in winter resulted in new cracks every year.

@22 Yes, but it will be a miserable life devoid of meaning. ; )

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