Regarding last boost, never forget sent engineers to Germany build custom (analog) hardware to let Nazis create and analyze databased to identify Jews in order to deport, rob, or kill them. (& on Kindle, audiobook, etc.)

The 2001-era web design maybe makes it look like a conspiracy theory site but one reason that it's not: Privacy Badger and uBlock both say 0 things blocked, the conspiracy trashwriters are invariably paying their bills with ad revenue.

It's legit.


This (IBM support of Nazis in identifying & locating Jews) is one thing that I'm always surprised nobody argues with me when I mention it. Each time I expect someone to accuse me of echoing some conspiracy drivel that I claim to hate—because it SO sounds exactly like the same conspiracy drivel I hear from certain family members, viz.

- "The Bush family owns the country's cocaine network"
- "The Russians can disable an American warship if they want to"

It's very hard to tell what's real.

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