After talking about the anxiety following small initial successes, worrying about that success evaporating, an anxiety that never went away:

“I decided to think of this anxiety about the future as a proof that I’m really doing what I want to do.”

Very useful insight from Takuya Matsuyama.

“We never store a copy of this common key without encryption and don't use any escrow mechanism to recover your encrypted data. This means that if you forget your login password, we cannot recover your data and we can't even reset your password.”

I'll try it, but right now I hate this. I'm much less anxious on Mastodon than Secure Scuttlebutt because of "edit and redraft". I don't think this "can't reset" will catch on, but maybe password manager is the crucial part.


Yes, for publishing the readings taken by the world's weather monitoring stations as they come out and as they're updated, yes, I want and desperately need a p2p-distributed secure append-only log. That's 's entire raison d'être. Hey, one of these


could be exactly what I need? ? ?

But anyway.

For shitposting and subtooting, I want centralize, reset password, delete-and-rewrite.

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