Did the spreadsheet+chart web app disappear? Alas.


The Global Historical Climate Network publishes annual gzip files of all the data collected by all its member stations each year. I made an interactive plot of the size of each zip file:


Look at:
- the post-WW1/Spanish Influenza dip
- steady growth through WW2
- the crash of 1971 (two years before the Oil Shock), and the plateau till the late '90s
- the 2000–2010 spike
- downturn since

Yeah unzipped size but.

As a proxy for global scientific and economic output…


Also that insane post-WW2 spike.

Correlation analysis with respect to global GDP/recession, public deficits, death rate, etc. welcome.

Note, this is the raw data taken by all the weather stations around the world: temperature, precipitation, wind, etc., i.e., the network that weather prediction and freight schedules and industry and economy in general all rely on.

Wonder how much of the story is told by the rise of weather satellites?

These days I can see some very interesting global vegetation analysis: star.nesdis.noaa.gov/smcd/emb/

The station at , is missing daily data for September 2001, and all of 2005:


Note how data jumps from "200108" to "200110", and "200412TAVG" to "200601TMAX".


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