I see ~4000 weather monitoring stations in :


I can even see a static map of them.

How do I download all of them?

The Global Historical Climate Network (ncdc.noaa.gov/ghcn-daily-descr) currently has 113'951 weather stations, and I might add them but.

Working with GHCN data gave me an idea: let's write a course, Data Wrangling Katas, containing a variety of increasingly-complicated exercises that look at various aspects of data parsing, cleaning, analysis, etc.


I'm looking at GHCN and getting back to the fractional Laplacian texture-shaded terrain elevation map (fasiha.github.io/post/texshade) because my family needs a proper app for teaching and exploring and writing about geography!

My first project that I'm seriously thinking about monetization from the get-go. How scary!

Um so.

There's a weather station at Yerbent, a village in the Karakum Desert out in Turkmenistan, and the number of daily highs and lows it records varies—I'd need to dig a bit to see if it's an automated system or manual, or if the drop-outs happen due to communication or power outages, or what.

But what's confuzzled me is, some days a temperature high is registered but not a low, and other days a low is registered but not a high.

Most months have several days where only one is reported. 🤷‍♂️?

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