🤣 tech bros' highly-rated answers on Orange Site to “What overlooked class of tools should a self-taught programmer look into?”


1 message queues, Zeromq &c.
2 Makefiles
3 profilers
4 SQL, query plans, ACID
5 Graph search/traversal
6 Sequential Bayesian filters
7 Unit testing, mocking
8 Dtrace &c
9 Shell scripting text processing
10 Property based testing
11 Prolog
12 Awk
13 Chord/DHT
14 Formal methods, type & category theory
15 Vim/emacs

I laughed and laughed!



@a_breakin_glass wasn’t dissing it, the toot can only be so long, see octodon.social/@22/10209703076 for my approval of all these but outside the context of class.

@a_breakin_glass but alas I only know and have used Datalog (via ClojureScript’s DataScript), that was really awesome, not Prolog proper.

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