Regarding last boost, I appreciated this piece:

Where the Doctorow excoriates Ford and other manufacturers for buying the vapid lies of finance mavens who’ve talked them into transforming their products-and-consumer-credit businesses into data/advertisement businesses.

There’s a good bit to that argument. The people selling you life insurance or mutual funds do want to help you out but they’ve kids to feed too.


Kids to feed: the people at the investment banks wanting to help your firm IPO have them, as do the people managing your money for long-term growth.

I personally love seeing the hustles and the schemes people come up with that are just inside the boundaries of the law (finished *The Big Short* on the 2008 financial meltdown a few weeks ago, loved it, highly recommended—very Terry , very ).

And it’s fun to see people first realizing that that army of schemers exist 🥳.

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