"Earlier in my career I was surrounded by -obsessed sasquatches. Later, by free-culture zealots. Ultimately I think both miss the point. The only way to completely protect work is to not release it. At which point the revenue potential is $0. OTOH if you make everything free, the potential also goes to $0. Therefore, somewhere in between is the optimal level of freedom (or piracy if you prefer)."

The prolific Matthew Butterick, typographer, lawyer, coder groups.google.com/forum/#!topi


‘books can be improved by the web, but the web can also be improved by books. Digital publishing could use more “Immutable Artifacts”, because artifacts are durable.’
—Joel Dueck, thelocalyarn.com/excursus/secr

“I’ll be making book editions of those sites available for free to anyone who cares to request a copy. This is a win for both sides. The reader gets a permanent, well-designed copy of something they have enjoyed. And I get the satisfaction of knowing those books are out there, being held in various places by people who (at least somewhat) care about them. The point is not to make money selling books, but to sow the writing as far as it can go”
—Joel Dueck, thelocalyarn.com/excursus/secr

Rather 👩‍🎤👩‍🚀.

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