Once my father-in-law and I were in a department store (you know, Macy's or whatever) with our spouses when he turns to me and says something extraordinary:

"When I was a kid, and we went to stores like this, the men all had to wear ties and the women all wore hats."

I thought of that later because (1) when we lived in the Midwest US, I'd roll to the store in my pajamas, but when we moved to the US East Coast, I'd change out of bedclothes to walk to the Whole Foods down the block.


(2) John reminded me of that:


My favorite linguist says that the development of texting language "has been one of the most revolutionary things I have seen in my life" because of how comfortable and easy it made writing:

(paraph) "Before, when you wrote you were afraid of breaking all these rules."

Today, we think nothing of informally writing toots, blogs, math, READMEs, tech Q&As, Markdown…!

Writing doesn't need ties/hats any more, thanks to "LOL".


Everything about John ’s Lexicon Valley, a about , is delightful. I find myself listening to it (at 1.5x speed, which spoils the songs 😔) at night instead of my usual reading, it’s that good.


The Sep 4 episode about colors was amazing: many languages have words only for white and black and get on just fine. If a language has three color worlds, they’re black and white and red. And…!!

(I listen on Spotify if it matters. Sometimes it does.)

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