*Finally* finished writing! I promised to share so here it is.


Funny how I'm more excited to share with people "out there" than to submit to my prof. (Should go without saying that your feedback means more). 😉​

Anyway, this is 1/2 in my "summer papers that must be written" collection. It is about the problems with big prizes (Global Learning XPRIZE), big ed tech and, well, just big.

Comments good, bad and ugly always welcome.

@tdorey Thanks for writing this, and posting it online, and accepting questions!

My question is about this: "If there were one thing the Global Learning XPRIZE contest could do to empower Tanzanian children to take control of their own learning, it would be to connect them to the Internet."

Is this obvious?


@tdorey The "Doctorow 2018" is missing from the bibliography.

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