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“greatness, like genius, is… a consensus arrived at by large numbers of individuals, each observing the opinions of others as much as exercising their own independent judgment.… Such contingent decision making… renders the relationship between initial cause and ultimate effect deeply ambiguous.”
—Duncan Watts, Six Degrees (2003, before )

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Two toots by @LovesTha that I think about all the time—usually when I'm struggling with bad software or with writing software:

"It takes centuries for art to become well understood."

"the cave painters while important to history weren't really that important to the renaissance painters."

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Ideas I frequently invoke:

- Philip Guo on silent technical privilege

- Bryn Hammond on silenced history

- Duncan Watts on cumulative advantage and MusicLab, in my top ten scientific experiments ever

- AnimeFeminist for their critiques and season guides

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“Fischer Black thought that got the right price within a factor of two about 90 per cent of the time… I knew Fischer pretty well, and he didn’t throw numbers like those around lightly; he thought long and hard about them, even though they sound like the kind of rough figures other people would come up with quickly. We argued quite a bit about them, and I pushed for ‘within a factor of two about half the time’.” —Aaron Brown

*Financial Risk Management for Dummies* chapter 4 = 🔥

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cw: infant abandonment, child slavery 

@22 One famous case study is that after the end of slavery in the Caribbean, freed people's material standard of living did not improve, but the freed population started to grow rapidly. It looks a lot like enslaved women did not want to make more babies for master and took steps to make sure that did not happen. But we are not in those bedrooms, kitchens, and sewing circles and can't know exactly what they were doing. 2/n

TIL, on Bloomberg's committee call discussing the records & tuple proposal

[NaN].includes(NaN) // true

new Set([NaN]).has(NaN) // true

Of course the numerical programmers know that

NaN === NaN // false

so the concession to ergonomics above (in arrays and set, and also in records and tuple) was surprising.


Spouse has asked me to make a huge laminated wall map of the countries of the world that they’ll color as they learn about them in history and geography classes.

Going to figure out how to make ~two by three meter PDF to send to the print shop.

Thinking about one Winkle Tripel projection versus three orthographic (satellite) projections…

Currently DuckDuckGoing: " "

In vain 😅 I wouldn't have been surprised if someone finally wrote an backend for (and a lot of filters are , whose runtime is of course famously C-compatible) but also not surprised this isn't available yet.

Will have to make a Dockerfile with Pandoc… fun.


"How good is Project X’s Y parser?"

"Really good. And more importantly, the author is responsive."

It's been so interesting to see how works behind the scenes. (X=tree-sitter, Y=reStructured Text)

Ok! A fellow tooter asked for and I've set up on a public server: see attached for a GIF of what login and basic usage looks like (see the thread 👆 for some details).

If you want to play with it, and trust me to not break anything, DM/email me your GitHub username or numeric ID and I'll add you!

Happy bookmarking!

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Now when I read something that really makes me think, rather than packaging it up for social media, or sharing it with friends who I think might be interested (which I still do), I just clip it to Yamanote.

Extensively compiling excerpts and interleaving them with stream-of-consciousness commentary helps me process how I feel about it—a similar feeling to composing toots, but faster and rougher and denser.

Upshot is I'm able to

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After posting this, I remembered that I hadn't been posting much, because… 🤣 I found something *better* than social media!

Just kidding, I wrote an app that I've needed for a long time:

It scratches a very specific itch, my inner librarian's need to archive what I read and highlighting excerpts and interleaving commentary.

As soon as I realized I was using Mastodon, my journal app, and Pinboard to all accomplish this, the feature list of the app become obvious.

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I finished the , and loved it—def top 5! Ahh I miss it so much!

You might like it if you like

- lots of characters creating a large world, or

- one-cour series that deliver, or

- Japanese spoken wordplay—manzai comedy, rap (fans of Samurai Champloo should stick around till you-will-know-who shows up), general repartee, or

- slow-burn stories that skillfully use stillness, or

- stories mostly about grownups, or

- mystery thrillers?, or

- popular anime?

The agony, do I make my CRUD app compatible with , which the better-sqlite3 Node.js package will automatically uses to represent 64-bit integers too large to represent as IEEE-754 64-bit doubles?

Or do I just leave a type override, one of Borges' "crevices of unreason", and pretend it won't die when my service is storing 10^16 (roughly 2^53) rows in SQLite?


(If any of the above doesn't make sense and you want me to explain the joke/seriousness, let me know.)

More from this unnamed hobby of finding interesting things in elevation and satellite imagery data!

You can play with this with my app Ogawa which is still alpha-quality, it has too many controls and too little documentation but most of these shots came from this tool.

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I actually have a lot of random screenshots from 'd elevation and satellite data.

Is there a name for this hobby of finding interesting things in remote sensing data/imagery?

(Again, extensive notes in the image captions.)

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As part of the National Elevation Dataset, the US Geological Survey has 3-meter-post for the Bay area. I put it through ( and took a look.

Some really interesting features. I'd love to find a local geologist and pick their brains about a lot of this.

(Details and commentary in image captions.)

More ✖️ ✖️ news.

TIL that the networked Balloon World sub-game in is a naked money-printing program by the Federal Reserve of : you get coins for *not just finding* others’ balloons, you also get coins for *hiding* balloons. Cash handouts for everyone.

They’re trying to pump up interest in the game, or prevent interest from waning too much? I don’t know much about this Mario game so not sure 🤔

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Devoured the second volume of ! Totally delighted and delightful. So excited for the third volume (dropping in December): my faves interviewed the writer,

and am really hype about how intense the story is no doubt going to get. I became aware of Trese gosh mid-2010s—finally!

One thing I really like about the story is how heavily populated it’s world is. Most stories zoom in tightly on a small circle of main characters—claustrophobic.

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forum-goer tsog posted some great links to see works produced by , , and :

and I tried out the very highly-rated (aka , ) on , it was good! I was fascinated by the Chinese elements in but I do think the work stands well on its own terms.

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💿 100 gecs - 1000 gecs (2019-05-31)

Just listened to this one several times in a row. It's <24 minutes long but has a lot going on.

Distorted melodies, heavily autotuned vocals, dubstep(?).

😲 Has my eyes bugging out the entire time, even on repeated listens. Love it.


Potential for animal abuse; crypto 

"shiba inu breeders across the U.S. say they’re seeing more business than ever since cryptocurrency trading brought the Japanese hunting dogs into the limelight."

I now officially hate this market.

Burn a bunch of coal, rob a bunch of fools, fine.

Shiba mills are real. Buying animals because of your stupid cult … I can't even.

Anyone has pointers to any titles with unique styles mentioned 👆?

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