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It's a tad bit more involved when the filenames have spaces: one trick is to replace the newline with the null character using tr and tell xargs to expect null-terminated rows—it then ignores spaces, etc. A real example:

cat bad.txt | tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 -P8 -n1 -I% dropbox_uploader.sh delete "/Camera Uploads/%"

I have a list of bad filenames in bad.txt, and the superb Dropbox-Uploader github.com/andreafabrizi/Dropb will delete them eight at a time.

If you are doing something to a bunch of files, perhaps a shell script like:

for i in *jpg; do something $i somethingelse; done

and want a simple way to parallelize this, try xargs, which I love:

ls *jpg | xargs -n1 -P5 -I% something % somethingelse

will run on five files at a time. I've used this trick two or three times today in re-synchronizing photos from two phones and a camera and an SD card and Dropbox.

Arctic fox halfway between its winter and summer coats stole a duck egg! At Þingvellir, Iceland.

With full-res crop of the villain (cropped from 20 megapixels, with lens at 600mm (full-frame 35mm equivalent)).

octodon.social/media/EokXPUDc2 octodon.social/media/4Scj-aBqN

So the original study of white spots in the heart region of a fetus ultrasound used a lower-resolution scanner than later became available. Geneticists trained that “white spots in the heart area ~> Down’s syndrome” later saw high-res ultrasound imagery with a fair bit of noise—with *some* random collection of white pixels, think high-ISO digital camera photos—and wrongly thought “Down’s syndrome”?

Pernicious! Hard to imagine engineering a system to avoid such data-provenance-reasoning flaws.

I now see that my attempt to be more clear for an international audience might have been more condescending than considerate, sorry. I regret the basketball Michael Jordan joke in my post.

suegardner.org/2016/03/21/a-li has shaped my writing:

“Cultural references (sports, movies, history) may be meaningless. Even for those of us who aren’t American, it’s easy to come across as U.S.-centric … High diversity argues for a style that’s literal, straightforward, and well-structured.“

“Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet” is by a Berkeley professor who is a Michael Jordan of statistics and machine learning (and who is also named Michael Jordan) and goes very deep into issues I deeply care about.


(Michael Jordan is an iconic basketball player from USA. No Amerocentrism here.)

Come for the discussion on data in medicine, stay for the evolution of society-spanning inference/decision-making systems.

Holy kami, the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies is fully open access!?:


Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks.

Couple highlights:

Breen on the sale of Ise amulets: nirc.nanzan-u.ac.jp/nfile/3020

Miura on kibyoushi, irreverent religious tales from the Edo period nirc.nanzan-u.ac.jp/nfile/4631 (which led me to animenewsnetwork.com/encyclope “Jesus and Buddha have decided to take a holiday in Japan”…).

"[The Force] is a deity for a rationalist world. Even today we know that things don’t always turn out the way they should. Juries make the wrong decisions, computers still crash, even even two space shuttles—highly sophisticated though they were—failed and exploded during routine operations. Many find the white-bearded God untenable, but somewhere out there amid the comets and stars, there seems to be a moral force guiding us in the constant struggle of good versus evil"


One of my hobbies: visualizing Christianity, or Buddhism, or the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, or (you see where I’m going with this), when they were in the same phase that Jediism is today.

“Jedi teachings are generally considered suggestions and guides rather than rules. This often brings about different approaches to the teachings among various groups. None are necessarily viewed as improper or incorrect” thoughtco.com/jedi-religion-je

Like imagining a wizened elder as a mischievous toddler&vice versa

'The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it seems, is going the way of the somewhat more serious Jediism and Avatar religions in that people are deliberately electing fiction as their faith. Interestingly, this may not be a new phenomenon. We are told, for example, that Zarathustra deliberately outlined a new religion… In those days the strict division between fiction and fact may not have been a mental filter yet discovered.' steveawiggins.com/2016/04/20/p

From the Steve Wiggins NRM goldmine.

"Even should a founder have had less than pure motives, that doesn’t translate to any less verisimilitude on the part of the faithful. Some viable religions have been based on known fictions." steveawiggins.com/2015/04/06/n

"Paganism began to reassert itself only last century. There had been a social stigma with lying outside the territory claimed by church, synagogue or mosque. … a large, and increasingly expanding, variety of religious options exist for the seeker." steveawiggins.com/2015/10/12/n

"People are not becoming less religious—they’re becoming differently religious. The old sacred texts are being replaced by the fictional Necronomicon. Ethereal beings that have always been there are bowing before ancient aliens who aren’t really eternal or omnipotent, but who feel more real in our culture." —Steve A. Wiggins, steveawiggins.com/2016/03/31/c

I love Steve—I first heard about him when his brother-in-law Neal Stephenson cited their chats about Asherah for "Snow Crash".

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①減速して接近中 ②ホバリング中は念のためにランディングギアを出している ③その場で旋回して離脱。翼のある生き物はかっこいい。
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Them: "How have you dealt with data that's too big to fit comfortably in memory?"

Me: "I ask the CEO to buy me a 1 TB RAM workstation."

This exchange is a bit embarrassing but I don't think I can be condemned as practicing bad engineering without a lot of careful thinking.

Also, 1 TB RAM makes many of our most important datasets "small data" again and it is So SO GOOD to be able to spend my time on real engineering instead of big data linux bullshittery.

“Japanese students prepare for high school entrance exams in the equivalent of ninth grade, and the school they get into can play a major role in determining the rest of their lives. Despite an increased interest in sex, romantic relationships are considered a waste of precious studying time. Friendships are on the cusp of breaking apart because people may get into different schools.” —Caitlin Moore,


Very wary of cultural insensitivity but this is brutal💀

I think telling your kids “people who don’t believe in god (specifically the one I’ve just described) will go to hell” is child abuse. Not only because it makes it so hard to relate to other kids, many of whose parents are programming them with different gods, but especially because it can create enormous fear in the child, for themselves.

I recognize this is a dissenting view, so I hope awareness expands and this form of child abuse disappears.

Teach your gods through love, not through fear.

“If he kills us, he will also kill our families and our pets, burn down our forests, even poison our water. The enemy is not a human being.”

A hundred years after the Great War, parents like us are reading “The Enemy” by Cali and Bloch to their kids to prepare them for the future.

We don’t program our kids with ideas of religious or racial or gender superiority. But we do teach them that others will disagree with them. Even about this book.

octodon.social/media/n4KfossAA octodon.social/media/KAQ8440y_

Child was reading and loving a rendition of Beowulf and was curious about monsters and dragons. My attempt at explanation: before we had cameras and airplanes and internet, it was reasonable to believe that monsters and magic and dragons existed.

Like how we tell stories about aliens. Our descendants will explain to their little ones how 21st century people lacked faster-than-light and nanotechnology and synthetic cognizance so they could entertain weird ideas about alien life.

I used to judge people by their gender, their race, their ancestry, their beliefs, their majors, their hobbies… all kinds of things. Now I judge people mainly on how much they judge others. Life is better this way.

‘Both the court and local elites cherished Buddhism for its ability to control the violence of deities, spirits, and demons of all kinds, including the kami. Usually, this entailed building temples next to shrines, where monks dedicated themselves to the conversion of the kami by exposing them to the Buddha's benign teachings. By reciting sutras, and other Buddhist practices, these monks created merit or good karma, which was transferred to the kami.’

Breen & Teeuwen on controlling pesky kami.