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“Because I've been lucky enough to work in environments that allow people to really flourish, I've seen a lot of people go from unremarkable to amazing.”


I watched someone go from beginner learning Matlab to embedded C guru over four years and such cases of eliteness growth still astonish me.

Go for it, Sorata! 👉 crunchyroll.com/the-pet-girl-o

(In real life though it’s probably better to gradually fall in love with a skill.)

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Once Mastodon lets me follow hashtags (open issue github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/), I'll invite people to tag their or or or or questions. Fediverse might be a better crowd to ask your beginner/expert questions before going to the anal-retentive Stack Overflow.

I have to make sure all my Fedifriends saw this Fullmetal Alchemist allusion, giving an example of non-toxic masculinity:


Omg, computer architecture/high-performance computing people, read that entire thread about Apple’s ARMs, @slightlyoff is dropping pearls: toot.cafe/@slightlyoff/1005845

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@puresick @nolan: the A9X is bonkers because they clobbered the L3 cache and _still_ got huge perf wins.

How? Totally over the top main-memory bus/controller and bonkers-expensive DDR4 memory modules.

Docker images you save on macOS (on a recent MacBook Pro) can be loaded onto Linux boxes (with some 12-core Xeon-whatever processor). I have verified it. It's amazing. This is maybe the first time in my coding career that I feel like we're finally living in the future. Thanks to this, my crazy code builds exactly the same way on my dev laptop as the continuous integration box, and as the big iron cluster, and as the boxes on the air-gapped network 🙌!

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Is there anyone here who'd like to write a post/posts for the University of Birmingham's Popular Literature blog in 2018/19?: blog.bham.ac.uk/poplit/ Short pieces on any aspect of popular literature & culture are welcomed by Dr Amy Burge (University of Birmingham) who is looking for volunteers . Email her at a.burge@bham.ac.uk

(original call at twitter.com/dramyburge/status/ )

Recalling how the vows to become monks/nuns in many Japanese Buddhist orders are bodhisattva vows—a few cosmic vows plus things like, in Soto: "do not
1- kill
2- steal
3- engage in improper sexual conduct
4- lie
5- deal in intoxicants
6- criticize others
7- praise self and slander others
8- be stingy with the dharma or property
9- give way to anger
10- disparage the Three Treasures" (global.sotozen-net.or.jp/pdf/d), rather than complex vows of Hinayana traditions dealing with food, celibacy, etc.

"Jizo’s promise to not enter nirvana until all the hells are empty"

"every few feet, a small statue with a sweet, childlike face peers up: Jizo. He is often adorned with offerings of children’s clothes, toys, and pictures of children who have passed away. As the forest slowly eats the offerings, others are placed there by new parents."


For every scary trend in the world, I think there's a positive countervailing force. Surely the rise of Buddhism in the West is one?

Trying to prepare a master list of HIDIVE-exclusive shows to watch and support with a one-month subscription. So far:

- Real Girl 3D Kanojo (liked the manga a lot)
- Revue Starlight (have to wait for this to finish simulcast)
- Hozuki's Coolheadedness 2 (2nd season of the beloved first season about Hell’s bureaucracy)
- ?

Wish streaming providers had a system equivalent of libraries’ inter-library loan system…

This call by @TheMangaScholar@twitter.com to promote great shoujo/josei manga because "too many dudes out here missing out on amazing manga" resonated with me. There's nothing wrong with loving the demographic you grew up with, but the world is much wider & more interesting than that—you aren't your demographic!


Nodame Cantabile, Chihayafuru, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Nana, Orange… these are among my favorite stories & I'm thankful to the people who prodded me to diversify 🤩.

@brook zomg, I devoured the first five volumes of Nana manga, soooooo awesome, I love everything about it, Ai Yazawa is my new paragon. I'm sure the anime is also awesome with great rock music, I am super-motivated to find it in disc (since nobody's streaming it). Thank you for the superb recommendation!

(Example sentence is from Sue Kawashima, "A Dictionary of Japanese Particles", page 121.)

Example: あの壁にかかっている絵はきれいですね (Translation: "That painting hanging on the wall is beautiful yeah?")

J.DepP can spit out:

0:       あの━━┓
1: 壁に━━┓     ┃
2:かかっている━━┓  ┃
3:       絵は━━┫
4:      きれいですねEOS

the full tree, or:

あの │ 壁 に │ かかっ て いる │ 絵 は │ きれい です ね

where pipes indicate bunsetsu boundaries (and internal spaces morpheme boundaries).

(If it's hard to see, I put it in a gist: gist.github.com/fasiha/fffa891)

Its author Naoki Yoshinaga (at TouDai) has also been super-helpful as I figure it out :)

Many Japanese learners know about MeCab, the morphological parser and part-of-speech tagger.

J.DepP is another helpful tool that I think more people ought to know about:


It's a post-processor to MeCab and acts as a bunsetsu chunker and dependency parser. That is, it combines the raw morphemes that MeCab outputs into bunsetsu, which are bigger than words (combining nouns+particles and verbs+auxiliaries), and makes a dependency tree out of them.

I have no idea how common this use-case for Docker is, but I use it all the time to build binaries for old versions of Linux and gcc. It makes me feel like an archeologist and a hipster programmer at the same time, and has been a lifesaver:


Just realized my GitHub commits are way down for now these last few months—this makes me happy because instead of "coding to learn Japanese" I'm actually learning Japanese 🧠! I rarely leave the house without the three little books in the middle—Taeko Kamiya is my star, rest in peace. octodon.social/media/0tqRIxahD

"Code reviews are not about catching bugs. Modern code reviews are about socialization, learning, and teaching." —Derek Prior quoted by John Barton in "Code Review Review is the Manager's Job":


(Jake Adelstein wrote "Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan", a memoir about his years working as a crime reporter for Yomiuri Shinbun (it started out by talking about how he, as an American from Missouri, got a job at a conservative Japanese corporation), and had many 🤯 moments.)