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Friends, I'm a terribly incompetent social medialyte—I don't see many toots since I follow almost no one, don't check local or federated timelines, don't get follow/fave/boost notifications—just at some point I lost the taste for being plugged in.

But! I'm more than happy to read, learn, discuss, answer, and mentor:

or whatever 🤗!

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Ideas I frequently invoke:

- Philip Guo on silent technical privilege

- Bryn Hammond on silenced history

- Duncan Watts on cumulative advantage, or, MusicLab, in the top ten scientific experiments ever

- AnimeFeminist for their critiques and season guides

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I was in Manhattan earlier this year and felt so bad for all the Japanese visitors: even five-star hotels lack bidets (wash toilets) in the barbarian city 😰.

You know, for the number of broken geniuses in anime (Pet Girl of Sakurasou’s painter genius, Lelouch, Light, either with broken social skills or broken moral compasses), I’ve never met a broken genius in real life. And while I have met a ton of really smart people who are also pleasant and kind, this kind of person is alas woefully underrepresented in .

Storytelling sacrifices.

Overheard: “To be good at you need to be an expert in and an expert in .”

Today's funny commit message comes from the Bitcoin Book textbook repo:

"Removed all references to, as they are trying to push Bitcoin Cash propaganda with a modal window. Confusing for newbies and inappropriate for a textbook. GTFO"

I guess "GTFO" is ok in a commit message of a textbook's repo 🤣!

It was in the work of Dr Doom, Marc Faber ( that I first read linking oil prices to saber-rattling by oil-producers like Iran and Russia: high oil prices historically translate to foreign aggression by oil producers.

An American stock market collapse would lead to some very interesting (and unexpected, and unpredictable) changes in American domestic and foreign policy.

Is there a hashtag we're using for talking about this most recent rout? Too early for

Oh how charming, the American stock market might be crashing: S&P500 5% off its recent high. I'm hearing where it might fall through 50%, in fits and starts of course, before it thinks it's low enough.^GSPC#

Remember in the mid-2000s, we were all worked up about Peak Oil and energy stocks and national oil companies like Saudi Aramco et al.? What happened to that? Oh right, the global economy hit the brakes and we stopped burning and pumping so much oil.

This could get fun.


“How did you pick this wine?”
“It had a cap.”
“I lost all my corks and bottle savers.”

Overheard: “you don’t have to be an expert on CMake or CI; you just have to accept that they are valuable things to have.”

@22 @dasyatidprime That's a pretty good moment! And a description of the nice things about Rust; you basically get to write fairly high-level combinator-y things as if it were Python or an ML. It's *not* as powerful as Haskell, so doing very complex metaprogramming gets ugly. It can't generate code at runtime, memory allocation is very explicit, and anything involving dynamic dispatch is honestly more work than it should be.

But a `chunks()` method on an iterator? Heck yeah, it can do that.

I want to especially applaud this piece:

"the rather weak tools of scientific inquiry we have at our disposal"

Science can answer a narrow kind of question—often questions of profound depth and utility, sure, but nonetheless: only a narrow range of questions that we ask can be profitably subjected to the tools of scientific inquiry as Yaron says. For the rest, we need artists (and gods).

On scientific experiments to validate claims about programming languages:

"I worry that too much focus on scientific validation for PL [programming language] design will encourage people to try to make decisions based on the rather weak tools of scientific inquiry we have at our disposal. And I think that would be a worse way of designing PLs than the non-scientific ad-hoc approaches we use now." —ibid.,

👏! There is a place for designers with taste and skill.

"Leo White made what I thought was an enlightening analogy, suggesting that PL [programming language] design was more like architecture than like physics. While architectural decisions are often intertwined with mathematical and engineering questions, no one would suggest that we decide between architectural theories based on scientific criteria. PL should perhaps be treated similarly."
—Yaron Minsky, the Jane Street OCaml person,


"I haven’t been talking about it much because I’ve been having so much fun with Rust, but I have to talk about it—I’m having a ton of fun with Rust." (

I wrote this document as stream-of-consciousness while I worked through the Cryoptopals challenges: I'd add both prose and code to the same README in Atom (since its Hydrogen plugin could send code to a REPL via Jupyter and show me results without leaving Atom). Having both code and my reflections thereof led to this.


"I’m noticing a trend here: in , the core implementations are very, very short 😙!" (

I'm reading the notes from working through the Cryptopals code challenges a couple of years ago: after solving a puzzle in Haskell then :

"It’s increasingly surprising how I can achieve highly functional code with a systems language intended to displace C/C++." (

Prediction: you are suffering from a deficiency in your life:

Step 1: the op from * Bed & Breakfast for Spirits* which features shamisen plus two bamboo flutes and rockers.

Step 2: the *other* op from *Kakuriyo*, more of the same!

Step 3: dueling shamisen totally rocking out!

( tip: 三味線, shamisen, has a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade kanji in it—great for practice!)

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Yowch, expected but still painful—all geared up to use on two projects but it's broken on TypeScript because TypeScript is this weird house of cards whose authors obtain dragon blood and unicorn tears to keep it on this side of sane.

Decided to become a noob in (well, prior experience in Elm, ClojureScript, etc.), as prelude to , and wowza, using an actually sane language and rigorous types and |> operator and if-expressions and what the hell took me so long…?

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