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Two toots by @LovesTha that I think about all the time—usually when I'm struggling with bad software or with writing software:

"It takes centuries for art to become well understood."

"the cave painters while important to history weren't really that important to the renaissance painters."

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Ideas I frequently invoke:

- Philip Guo on silent technical privilege

- Bryn Hammond on silenced history

- Duncan Watts on cumulative advantage and MusicLab, in my top ten scientific experiments ever

- AnimeFeminist for their critiques and season guides

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“Fischer Black thought that got the right price within a factor of two about 90 per cent of the time… I knew Fischer pretty well, and he didn’t throw numbers like those around lightly; he thought long and hard about them, even though they sound like the kind of rough figures other people would come up with quickly. We argued quite a bit about them, and I pushed for ‘within a factor of two about half the time’.” —Aaron Brown

*Financial Risk Management for Dummies* chapter 4 = 🔥

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“Taking less risk than is optimal is not safer; it just locks in a worse outcome. In competitive fields, doing less than the best often means failing completely. Taking more risk than is optimal also results in a worse outcome, and often leads to complete disaster.”
—Aaron Brown, “Red-Blooded Risk”

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Wow, ’s recent piece in praise of got me really excited—they have sentences for and , but also , (two), !!?? 🤩

I am really not a fan of studying random sentences—Core2k Anki decks 😩—but I’m going to try it as a way to train my ear for these languages.

My personal practice does involve close study and memorization of sentences with audio, but from a story/novel because I love real content.

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👆 from (a tweet intro at

I don’t want to 🙄 *too* much, my intuitions have been totally wrong before, and the paper does present empirical findings from Microsoft, but this tidbit from the literature review… I don’t know.

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‘media synchronicity theory proposes that asynchronous communication channels (such as email) are better suited for conveying information and synchronous channels (such as video calls) are better suited for converging on the meaning of information. … establishing a rapport, which is an important precursor to knowledge transfer, is impeded by email use, and that in-person and phone/video communication are more strongly associated with positive team performance than email and [IM] communication’

Related—fascinating thread about the history of :

Turns out in 1919 the KMT created a "standard pronunciation", a hybrid of all the nation's languages, but since only one linguist "spoke" it, ten years later, they switched to Beijingese (): 'Suddenly, there were a million speakers of "standard Chinese," instead of just one'.

The thread opens with regulations requiring Mandarin in 😑. Trying to find this Sichuan film:

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Listening to the clip above, it's surreal to me that this is a Chinese language—it almost sounds more like a South Indian or Southeast Asian, or even a Slavic, language.

I've complained before—it's straightforward to build a or ear—so much great films and music made in them, and so much harder for Shanghaiese or , etc. 😭

I asked the curator of this epic Cantonese rap Spotify playlist about Shanghaiese rap but didn't hear back.

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I wasn't confident but it really sounded like Rebecca Pan's mom character in "Days of Being Wild" (one of those intense moody etc. collabs) wasn't speaking like everyone else in the film, and it took some digging but ( dialects)

confirms that she's speaking ! Take a listen, "Days of Being Wild", from around 55:00 in the Criterion app.

Astonishing to my ear how different this sounds from Cantonese & Mandarin!

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Tell me about your favorite Hong Kong films 

It’s not just Leung. Brigitte Lin, Valerie Chow, Faye Wong, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and omg Maggie Cheung, absolutely unforgettable performances. I find myself doing something and then thinking about a scene from one these films.

Looking at expiration dates… looking for the tiffin to pack noodles. Whoo.

(Sorry for discovering these films decades late 😅)

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Tell me about your favorite Hong Kong films 

I’m not that interested in ShangChi (in-theaters only 😂? Marvel 🤣?) but reminded me I loved watching films in the 90s, and watching these scrumptious films, “Chungking Express” and “In the Mood for Love”, OMG 😳 so amazing!

Please tell me your favorite HK films!

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And the most surreal thing is that the viral believers are convinced they're scientific—Kahan via

"[people are] experts at recognizing what science knows—at identifying who knows what about what, at distinguishing the currency of genuine scientific understanding from the multiplicity of counterfeit alternatives [unless there's] disruption to the system of conventions that normally enable individuals to recognize valid science despite their inability to understand it"

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Breaking original thread 👆 to repost the 🤯 Figure 6 from 's 2016 paper from

After setting up the fact that, "To live well—or just to live—individuals (including scientists) must accept much more [decision-relevant science] than they can ever hope to make sense of on their own"—i.e., that none of us can evaluate personally-relevant science on our own—Kahan talks about how we address the simpler problem of identifying who is a trustworthy expert.

Abandon hope.

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👏, 😢

‘Watching Mike reflect on our work in such a way left me with the deepest pride in our collaboration, in the promises kept and purposes shared. “The Wire,” he told that interviewer, “was a love letter to our nation. Like a blueprint to show where we’re broken.”’ — on ,

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@gunchleoc at the end would be better. Another thing that I wish more wood do is put commas and periods after emojies to have NVDA pause before reading the next emoji

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@gunchleoc it would actually be really cool if more sighted developers helped with the development of NVDA

’s column today is 🔥 some bub noticed “” became active days before Amazon announced an Affirm collaboration. They bought a bunch of Affirm call options and are likely now rich—Levine asks is this was insider trading, and notes:

‘The line between “guessing what URLs have interesting stuff in them and typing them in you browser’s address bar” and “guessing passwords to hack into a network” might not be super-clear in [US] law.’

Littledan's note prompted me to ask around, and 😨 wow, the annual performance and promotion process at tech companies sound like a nightmare.

Getting in is a horror, and apparently staying in is quite the circus too.

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More news along these lines—former cooperativista and contributor littledan is joining , wow:

It was cool that they explicitly called out Bloomberg's "psychologically safe culture" and its "lack of heavyweight perf/promo cycles".

I thought Bloomberg just had 💵💸💴 to spend on Igalia, et al., but folks here say that this didn't happen because of (just) 💰 but how collaborative these Bloomberg teams are with the open-source community.

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It’s crazy how big unexpected charges can happen to things you think are as stable as what a country eats for breakfast: with extensive quotes from the superb .

That time I showed a coworker and they immediately tried going to and I was TERRIFIED it'd be some horrible shock site but thank all the gods it didn't even DNS resolve.

Who to model King Minos the father of the Minotaur and the oppressor of Athens circa 2017? 

The Minotaur one was a few years ago so of course I made Minos into a Trump figure, to annoy the locals.

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