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Why are British MPs always shouting "yay"? Seems funny compared to what I'm used to and would be rude in German parliament.

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haha nice one , good move to directly attack ! Sure, that's only really smart advertising. But when starts to adopt such positions in marketing a significant amount of potential customers are anticipated to be influenced (what's the marketing term here?) by that. Ironically, this perception gives me hope.

Interesting article about recent discoveries or possibilities in .

"The “spaceship” in question is called . For those who don’t keep up with space news, Oumuamua is the first object in history to pass through the solar system and be identified as definitely originating outside of it. The first interstellar guest[...]"

Next to the explanation of what this means the scientist has some hot takes on how that might affect our civilization.


Waterworld would be a good sci-fi universe for a sequel!

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‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed ‘harmful’ by American Psychological Association
– article: thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefin
'...The American Psychological Association (APA) officially labeled “traditional masculinity” as “harmful” in a new report.

The label is in the report titled “Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men,” a first of its kind for the association, which was featured in the January issue of “Monitor on Psychology” magazine.

“Traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict and negatively influence mental health and physical health,” according to an excerpt in the 36-page report...'

the .pdf report: apa.org/about/policy/boys-men-

Sick + Bed + Meds = Fun!

Okay, not true. I'm bored. Help!

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question: I'm using and in group chat with a few hundred users some users always send messages my client can't encrypt. I was switching devices, so technically some key problem makes sense, especially with chat's history. But all new messages should be aware of the new key.
Why are only some still using old keys? And how would I fix that? Can I manually reset the ratchet session(?) and would that be best practice or maybe just annoy anyone in the chat with a note?

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toxic masculinity in pop culture Show more

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Die Polizei Brandenburg fahndet nach einer MAC-Adresse.

"Anhand dieser Adresse ist jedes Gerät genau identifizierbar. Es existieren keine zwei technischen Geräte, die dieselbe MAC-Adresse besitzen."

Und jetzt alle so:

$ ifconfig eth0 down
$ macchanger -m f8:e0:79:af:57:eb eth0
$ ifconfig eth0 up
$ macchanger -s eth0

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'When registering an account with #Telegram, the app helpfully uploads the entire Contacts database to Telegram's servers (optional on iOS).

This allows Telegram to build a huge social network map of all the users and how they know each other.

It is extremely difficult to remain anonymous while using Telegram because the social network of everyone you communicate with is known to them (and whomever has pwned their servers).'

more reasons why telegram is not a good choice for secure messaging:

@webmind You started the jewelery hacking at right? Just talked to a friend and a bunch of friends where inspired by her 'hacks' made at the congress, so they decided to collect old electronics and start hacking as well :)

My active noise canceling headphones are the plausible deniability of my social life.

Google's sure looks promising:

Even despite everything they still manage to incubate some real nice technologies / ideas.

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Nach dem #35c3 gibt es noch mehr Frauen(FNTI*)UndComputerKram-Orte #fuckeverywhere
Auch wir sind dabei! Ab nächster Woche treffen wir uns wieder regelmäßig Sonntags. #binarybugs #Jena

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