Und jemand schwankt diese fragwürdige "Kek-istan" Flagge. Kommt die nicht aus der Alt-right Ecke?

Ich bei meiner lokalen Demo und habe zwar einiges erwartet, aber mit Jungen Liberalen muss ich echt nicht rumhängen.

So, seems like I'll spend my weekend continuing my new vampire the masquerade bloodlines playthrough I started today.

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Considering the GOG sale, here's the Vampire the Masquerade: #Bloodlines soundtrack on Youtube:


Haven't been that hyped for a game announcement for a long time. Vampire: was a very unique role play experience for me in my teens and I hope the just announced successor manages to deliver this very special atmosphere of the original game.

I really like the "this is how Star Trek could have been more often" feeling from . Sure it is not perfect either. There are too many jokes that are crossing lines. But the Star Trek series and movies I watched yet always tends to be more action prone than what would be necessary for a good or personal story.

I love the sea at this time of the year. Late Winter winds and temperatures combined with harsh waves and grey skies are just beautiful!
In other news: I'm on vacation at the North Sea and its great!

The on my phone is crazy slow, so I found myself switching to chrome to go on single sites when in a hurry. That makes no sense and should stop. What are good open source alternatives for web browsers on android?

This 'what would Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would look like in 2019'-concept is darn nice! Making screen plays must be so exciting...


I don't like my 'temporary' furnishing in my room anymore. Been here some months now and apparently have been using 'temporary' as excuse so I don't have to deal with it. I'm now passive aggressively researching what my furnishing style might be.

Today I learned about 'radical softness' and I love the political idea!

Jeez is killing my time! But usually I get bored by games within about 1 week, so that's fine. Perks of being an explorer gamer type.

There is this social/climate movement I want to follow but all they use is telegram and whatsapp. Its a fucking shame...

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When she's lowkey obsessed with darkness, but can't stop filling her apartment with plants. #GothGirlfriendGoals ("The Garden of Death", Hugo Simberg, 1896.)

Looking forward to the International Women's* Day. German's radical left organized events in almost 40 cities and calls for a "Women's* strike" to happen on this Friday. Following the idea of similar strikes in Iceland '75 or Spain '18.

See: frauenstreik.org/english/

In my city there will also be a "star" protest, where four smaller protests starting in north/east/south/west and will come together in the city center. Accompanied by info-, music-, food- and so on events.

"Machines should work; People should think"

And its source, the original 1967 IBM ad "Paperwork Explosion" youtube.com/watch?v=_IZw2CoYzt

(Original toot from @jomo - copied the link but posted with English comment)

I just poured tea in my coffee mug with leftover coffee by accident and drank it like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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sci fi 50 years ago: what if humans of many different backgrounds worked together for a common good

sci fi now: what if computer bad

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