Good morning everyone! And good morning to my shoulder which hurts a bit, because my dog is a little nuts over the last days and pulls more on her leash than usual 😑

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It's amazing how bad the voice sound quality of the people is who are using expensive and cool Airpods in web calls is. Like how does Apple manage to make it sound like a telephone call in the 90s?

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I watched the event yesterday. It was the first time I watched one at full length. Well, it was boring.
My favorite part was the punk rock iPad Mini (iirc) ad, from an aesthetic perspective.

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agatha christie facts 

@Taweret I have dreamt of writing a murder mystery set at a butler convention. We all know that the butler did it, but which one?

Oder zählt man wegen den RCs nicht weiter? Ihr seht, ich bin verwirrt.

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Ich habe den Faden verloren. Bei welchem wären wir in diesem Jahr? Also welcher Nummer, XYC3?

I recently discovered and I love everything about it! What a wholesome genre.

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Smash carpitalism and #blockIAA! Highway blockades around Munich are still standing (hanging!) or in the process of being evicted. Individualised motorised traffic is finally standing still! #noIAA

Honestly, it's really good to see some of the same old peepz are still going strong and are using mastodon apparently constantly for years. 👍

Hello everyone! This is me, checking out the fediverse after being away for quite some time.

So, my PC just crashed while doing taxes. Good or bad sign?

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