Current mood: in love with aesthetics!

I played Objects in Space yesterday and it's just beautiful.

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a lot of people read that leaked Facebook memo to mean Fb is threatened by federated platforms, but i think a more accurate reading is they fear hyperspecialized apps

for example if some company launched an app that was better at delivering minion memes, and another company launched an app that was better for hearing your uncle use racist slurs, and a third company launched an app that was better at letting you feel superior to your former classmates, then no one would need Facebook anymore

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Ärzte und Datenschutz 

Just set up for note taking and to do list handling. Syncing via Syncthing from desktop to mobile. Everything works so far. Now I'm gonna test it and see if it fits my needs.

I always tend to do the infrastructure part before the content, because I don't want to waste time on the latter if the first is not working anyway.

I don't know what happened but it is cool to see many new folks from joining the fediverse recently.

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@linuzifer Okay, das *provoziert* mich ja geradezu, Sticker zu drucken! :D Wie viele davon brauchen wir auf dem #36c3? "Guter" oder "Gute"?

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a bowl is just a cup with ambition

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That time Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff sang about Freddy Krueger

yes, really


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Or does it really just say that there are cases where `topic` doesn't contain a TOC? Wouldn't that go without saying?

Seriously, what?

"The "contents" directive generates a table of contents (TOC) in a topic. Topics, and therefore tables of contents, may occur anywhere a section or transition may occur. Body elements and topics may not contain tables of contents."

What I read is:
"The "contents" directive generates a table of contents (TOC) in a topic. [...] topics may not contain tables of contents."

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rant about "team"work 

Apparently my little biological clock, aka my puppy of about 3 months, doesn't give a damn about the recent time change / switch to standard time.
So hello waking up at 6.40am and having a little too less sleep.

You know what: I just did some maintenance on my little hobby web server and it was great. Will continue to improve one or two thing there today as well.

I'm about to start another weird side project just to relax, as in doing what I want, and feel productive, as in actually achieving results in some hours. But chances for this plan to work are slim and I'll probably be a little frustrated soon.

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