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Busy week in Sundogistan this week, folks, but I have a feeling that it will be spectacular!

Get out there and grab you some!


yo i just published lemoncurry 1.9.2! there’s nothing new that you can actually see lol

yoooo i forgot to work on lemoncurry! again! oops?? here’s 1.8.4

huh, actually, the ideal way to handle that approval would be to use rel="me", like i was recommending glitchsoc start supporting? if you can put rel="me" links into your profile, you can link together all your masto profiles in a way that's programmatically verifiable, /and/ link non-masto profiles as well?? nice

heck, masto could even provide built-in rel="me" verification? just like this userscript that would rule

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obviously for that to work right, you'd need to make the migration process bidirectional, "approving" migrations from the destination or something, since otherwise some rando could just get their profile listed on yours by claiming to be you 😉

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i put the new migration thingy onto all my other mastodon profiles, pointing at this one

it seems pretty cool?? not sure providing special support for this feature is better than just having arbitrary "fields" in your profile like on, but still, cool beans

maybe masto instances could federate the migration info between themselves, such that your main profile could automatically list your alternate profiles? that would rock

by the way: the reason i didn’t syndicate that previous entry to twitter?

1.7.3 makes a teeeeeeeny change, but a very important one: my little profile links at the bottom of my h-card are now fully accessible for screen readers!

me: what is your opinion on mlems

kat: what are mlems

me: its a bit like a blep

kat: ... youve been spending too much time on masto

Cyberpunk dysphoria 

Remember when we were younger, and we fantasized that cyberpunk was this awesome desired thing?

Where you could plug yourself in and digitally craft your entire everything, or have some spliced organo-mechano body sculpt so that you could appear outwardly as well as you felt inwardly, or just how much your overall appearance was modifiable?

Remember how excited you got inside when you fantasized that all these things were completely normal in that world, and that it would be worth it despite the utterly bleak dystopian backdrop that leeched all of the empathy, compassion, and civility out of being alive?

We're not there... we've DEFINITELY got the latter dystopian part, and we're still working on the first half, but the general world is not qvite as receptive to our crafting of our own images as would be ideal.

Hold on to those that are accepting of it. Hold on to them tightly.

This is how we survive the problems of the latter... how we navigate the dystopia.

We are better than the inhumanity of this world, because inside we are bright-neon, rainbow colored, shiny metallic, soft and comforting, hard and unflinching, loud and proud, qviet and caring, glowy-eyed beings.

We craft our existence despite being surrounded by these crumbling ruins of society, because who we are is all we have. They cannot take that away, because we won't let them.

You are worth every last gasp of breath that's inside you, every tear of sorrow, every dazzling spark of elation, and every shred of compassion.

I don't know if you needed that reminder or not... I just know that I did, today.

*Hugs softly*

i got a little burnt out on lemoncurry after releasing 1.7 :( back now though!

okay but where's my carly rae jepsen cover of all i want for christmas is you

the whosampled page for the Dilbert animated series knows who the real main character was

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