i've been sending myself emails that say stuff like "meow" and "ur cute" for the past hour

to be fair, i needed to send myself emails in order to test my postfix/amavis/dovecot setup

but also. dani pls

hm. i've set up postfix, amavis with clamav + spamassassin, dovecot, and solr all on the same system i'm using to host 00dani.me and various other projects

it's kinda tight on memory at this point?

i'm wondering whether it's worth spinning off a separate mail server maybe? i'd probably have to configure the services all over again, this stuff is pretty ingrained in the system it's on, but maybe it'd be worth it? idk

maybe i need to shave fewer yaks and stop self-hosting everything :/

@00dani be the mail you want to recieve in the world 👍

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