i really like the look of pinafore.social btw? i'm using it right now and it's super nice

it's less powerful than the standard mastodon interface, you only ever see one column at a time? but it's WAY faster and it'd be super great on mobile

it DOES lack a dark theme, which is pretty much the one big problem with it right now

we need dark themes!! we're all nocturnal!!! pinafore pls

update: pinafore actually does NOT lack a dark theme, it's got three of them!! they're just kinda weird to find, they're in settings > instances > *choose an instance* rather than just settings > general

you can have different themes for each instance i guess?

@00dani There's a few dark themes (and other color themes as well). They're under "Instances" in the settings. They should probably move that setting to another spot. I think the idea is that you can have different themes for different instances, but I still think it's a place that people don't expect that setting to be.

@adamk678 ooo! so there are! i had no idea there were settings underneath the actual instances? i figured clicking them would just let you log out lmao

i rlly like sorcery :3

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