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danielle~! ✅ @00dani

yoooo i forgot to work on lemoncurry! again! oops?? here’s 1.8.4 nya.as/eW

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@longhorns it's the app powering my personal website at 00dani.me/, which is my attempt at an indieweb.org/ site !

it's based on django and entirely open source, it's pretty cool imho :3

@00dani Oh!! sounds very interesting! also its name is making me peckish, goldarnit

@longhorns oh nooooooo i'm sorry :o

the name is actually a reference to monty python's flying circus, since the app's written in python? it not meant to make u hunger

@00dani im gonna eat ur webapp!! :V
jk jk, I'd no idea! haven't watched flying circus in a looong time

@longhorns me either, i actually asked a friend for good monty python references i could use to name the project :P

i actually started out by writing the site in haskell, using the yesod web framework - "yesod" is hebrew for "foundation", so i called that version "lebd", hebrew for "alone"

the python version is a little less clever 😉

@00dani less clever perhaps, but definitely more humorous yawl!! also tasty, nyahaha
I haven't ever programmes in Haskell so I couldn't speak for it, tho I do remember python being lovably clunky and functional

@longhorns haskell is a /purely/ functional language, which makes it a joy to work in except when you want to do something the libraries don't support :o stackoverflow.com/questions/46 is why i abandoned lebd and switched over to django, which makes everything /way/ easier if less elegant

@longhorns i hadn't seriously coded in python since high school, and it was really nice then - the current versions seem to be even nicer! so it's a hecka fun time compared to my actual job, which is primarily in php :o

@00dani honestly the most advanced thing I've ever made in any programming language is a chat client I made in Python that only lets you send messages after the other user is done typing LMAO
that, and I made a procedurally generating 2d block world in unity. it's surprisingly fun and super easy wh3n you look at it
that was c# tho