so do any mastodon mobile apps do push notifications yet?

i'm using mastalab rn and i'm pretty sure it only does pull notifications? i don't see any of the other apps mentioning that they do push and i reckon that's something they'd be bragging about if they had it? hmm

he was a boy
she was a girl
could compulsory heterosexuality make it any more obvious

hm. i've set up postfix, amavis with clamav + spamassassin, dovecot, and solr all on the same system i'm using to host and various other projects

it's kinda tight on memory at this point?

i'm wondering whether it's worth spinning off a separate mail server maybe? i'd probably have to configure the services all over again, this stuff is pretty ingrained in the system it's on, but maybe it'd be worth it? idk

maybe i need to shave fewer yaks and stop self-hosting everything :/

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i've been sending myself emails that say stuff like "meow" and "ur cute" for the past hour

to be fair, i needed to send myself emails in order to test my postfix/amavis/dovecot setup

but also. dani pls

i saw half an episode of "would i lie to you?" the other day and i'm still trying to figure out how the show works?? you tell an outrageous story about yourself and the other team have to figure out whether it's true or a lie

but it looks like the person telling the story is given a card to look at first?? what's on the card?? does it just say "lie" or "tell the truth", or are there actual stories on there you can pick from, and if there are wouldn't they all necessarily be lies???

GIMP stands for Graphicdesign Is My Passion sorry if someone said this one already

update: pinafore actually does NOT lack a dark theme, it's got three of them!! they're just kinda weird to find, they're in settings > instances > *choose an instance* rather than just settings > general

you can have different themes for each instance i guess?

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it DOES lack a dark theme, which is pretty much the one big problem with it right now

we need dark themes!! we're all nocturnal!!! pinafore pls

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i really like the look of btw? i'm using it right now and it's super nice

it's less powerful than the standard mastodon interface, you only ever see one column at a time? but it's WAY faster and it'd be super great on mobile

i just discovered svelte and sapper because is based on them? and instantly i started feeling pretty bad that i already put so much work into my website using django instead

why can't i just always know the ideal framework for every situation, why are things Difficult

pretty sure this is what people mean when they say "good praxis"

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when i was a teen i'd sing "shut up and dance" but with reverse lyrics so it'd be gay. now i sing the regular version so it's gay

Busy week in Sundogistan this week, folks, but I have a feeling that it will be spectacular!

Get out there and grab you some!


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